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Stories (July 2003 - June 2004)
Date  Title  Author
6/30/04 Preissing & Smith resigned Mike Lee
6/27/04 Sharks move up to land Czech forward Mike Lee
6/19/04 2004 Draft Center Mike Lee
5/20/04 Amazing season, uncertain future Erik Kuhre
5/19/04 The improbable season ends Mike Lee
5/17/04 Sharks on the brink of elimination Mike Lee
5/16/04 4 goal 2nd vaults Sharks back home tied Mike Lee
5/15/04 The thorn Steve Flores
5/13/04 Sharks get back in the series with 3-0 win Mike Lee
5/11/04 No answers for Flames in Game 2 Mike Lee
5/11/04 McLaren scratched Mike Lee
5/10/04 Playoff Fodder Mike Lee
5/10/04 The spectre of John Gruden Steve Flores
5/10/04 Barons lose series to Hamilton by 4-2 margin Craig Haueter
5/9/04 Flames steal Game 1 Mike Lee
5/4/04 Sharks advance to Conference Finals Mike Lee
5/2/04 Time to turn the tables Mike Lee
4/28/04 Avalanche cling to life with OT win Mike Lee
4/26/04 SJ poised to sweep series after 1-0 win in Game 3 Mike Lee
4/25/04 Barons even up series with Hamilton in OT thriller Craig Haueter
4/24/04 Sharks take 2-0 lead vs Colorado Mike Lee
4/24/04 Selanne benched by Granato Mike Lee
4/22/04 SJ opens round 2 with a bang Mike Lee
4/21/04 McCauley and Wilson named award finalists Mike Lee
4/21/04 Sharks-Avalanche series breakdown John Cook
4/21/04 Will the real favorite stand up? Erik Kuhre
4/20/04 Avalanche loom Steve Flores
4/19/04 The anatomy of a Game 7 John Cook
4/18/04 The view from 35,000 feet Ken Smyth
4/18/04 Barons: Weekly Report 4/18 Craig Haueter
4/15/04 Sharks advance after 3-1 win over Blues Mike Lee
4/14/04 Barons: Weekly Report 4/14 Craig Haueter
4/13/04 Korky & Thornton lead SJ in Game 4 Mike Lee
4/12/04 Blues bounce back John Cook
4/11/04 Making alternative plans Paul Krill
4/11/04 Even-keeled Teal Steve Flores
4/10/04 Marleau paces Game 2 win Mike Lee
4/8/04 Sharks take Game 1 with OT thriller Mike Lee
4/7/04 It's (blue) crunch time Ken Smyth
4/4/04 Regular season finale a winner Mike Lee
4/4/04 Team awards announced Mike Lee
4/3/04 Barons: Weekly Report 4/3 Craig Haueter
3/31/04 Pacific Division Champions Mike Lee
3/30/04 Feeder Fodder Mike Lee
3/29/04 Great Turnaround Again! Erik Kuhre
3/28/04 Damphousse banks winner Mike Lee
3/28/04 Barons: Weekly Report 3/28 Craig Haueter
3/25/04 Damphousse banks winner Mike Lee
3/23/04 Sharks clinch playoff spot with huge win Mike Lee
3/21/04 Oilers cloud SJ's future Mike Lee
3/21/04 Barons: Weekly Report 3/21 Craig Haueter
3/19/04 Roadtrip ends with another 2 points Mike Lee
3/18/04 Cheechoo's hot streak continues Mike Lee
3/16/04 Late comeback preserves lead Mike Lee
3/14/04 What You See is What You Get Ken Smyth
3/14/04 Barons: Weekly Report 3/14 Craig Haueter
3/13/04 Nabokov perfect in emergency duty Mike Lee
3/11/04 Wild 2nd period opens up offense Mike Lee
3/9/04 Focus absent in loss to Wild Mike Lee
3/9/04 Doug Wilson's failure Mike Chen
3/9/04 Sharks deal Boyes for Brown Mike Lee
3/7/04 Stars cut Sharks lead to 2 Mike Lee
3/6/04 Time to make a move Steve Flores
3/3/04 Power play excels in win over Habs Mike Lee
3/2/04 Searching for a complete turnaround Mike Lee
2/29/04 Sharks turn the tables on Blues Mike Lee
2/29/04 Barons: Weekly Report 2/29 Craig Haueter
2/25/04 Barons: Weekly Report 2/25 Craig Haueter
2/23/04 Homecooking pays dividends Mike Lee
2/22/04 Dare to dream Ken Smyth
2/19/04 Trip ends on a high note Mike Lee
2/18/04 Preds pound Sharks Mike Lee
2/16/04 Flyers steamrolled in Philly Mike Lee
2/16/04 The new face of the NHL Mike Chen
2/15/04 Barons: Weekly Report 2/15 Craig Haueter
2/14/04 OT finally sweet for SJ Mike Lee
2/9/04 Feeder Fodder Mike Lee
2/9/04 Barons: Weekly Report Craig Haueter
2/5/04 Sharks enter break with a bang Mike Lee
2/3/04 Sharks avoid 3rd straight loss Mike Lee
2/3/04 Random Shark Bites Mike Lee
2/2/04 Barons: Weekly Report Craig Haueter
1/31/04 Nashville knocks off SJ in OT Mike Lee
1/28/04 Marleau leads in more ways than one Mike Lee
1/25/04 Barons: Late power play goal by Boyes lifts Barons over Mighty Ducks Craig Haueter
1/24/04 Barons: Winning streak snapped by Griffins, 4-2 Craig Haueter
1/23/04 Barons: Win streak at four after 5-3 win over Houston Craig Haueter
1/22/04 Coyotes bite back Mike Lee
1/21/04 1000th game is a winner Mike Lee
1/21/04 Barons: Timely goals, solid defense lead to 3-1 win Craig Haueter
1/19/04 It's no dream, Sharks beat Detroit Mike Lee
1/18/04 Barons: 6-game road trip ends on winning note Craig Haueter
1/17/04 Barons: Schaefer’s 32-save effort leads to 3-2 win Craig Haueter
1/17/04 Depleted Sharks still get the job done Mike Lee
1/16/04 Barons: Rare broken stick penalty sets up loss Craig Haueter
1/15/04 Sharks continue domination over Canucks Mike Lee
1/14/04 Barons rookie Marcel Goc familiar with challenges Craig Haueter
1/13/04 SJ drops a snoozer Mike Lee
1/11/04 Barons: OT weekend ends in defeat at Grand Rapids Craig Haueter
1/8/04 Jackets steal OT thriller Mike Lee
1/6/04 The ripple effect Paul Krill
1/5/04 Captain Marleau stuns Canucks Mike Lee
1/5/04 3rd period collapse dooms Cleveland Craig Haueter
1/4/04 Credit, kudos and return of the man-eaters Steve Flores
1/4/04 Barons regain 3rd place with win over St. John’s Craig Haueter
1/3/04 Sharks bounce back to beat Blues Mike Lee
1/3/04 Zalesak tallies 18th goal of season in 6-2 loss Craig Haueter
12/31/03 Kotyk 48-save performance leads Barons to 5-2 win Craig Haueter
12/30/03 Manitoba drops Barons with 2nd barrage Craig Haueter
12/29/03 Ekman shines in Sharks romp Mike Lee
12/28/03 From good to great? Mike Chen
12/28/03 Barons salvage 3-3 tie with Milwaukee Craig Haueter
12/27/03 Kings & Sharks still deadlocked Mike Lee
12/26/03 It's good to beat the Kings Mike Lee
12/24/03 Happy Holidays from TheFeeder TheFeeder
12/22/03 Back to back 2-1 wins vs Ducks Mike Lee
12/21/03 Sharks rebound in Anaheim Mike Lee
12/21/03 Barons end tough week on winning note Craig Haueter
12/10/03 Ducks beat SJ on late comeback Mike Lee
12/9/03 Stars falling? Ken Smyth
12/7/03 Hamilton defeats Barons minus leading scorer Craig Haueter
12/4/03 3rd period letdown costs SJ a point Mike Lee
12/3/03 Barons win streak snapped at three Craig Haueter
11/30/03 Toskala saves the day Mike Lee
11/29/03 Finally Ken Smyth
11/26/03 2nd period outburst propels Sharks Mike Lee
11/18/03 Another 3rd period comeback Mike Lee
11/17/03 Kiprusoff dealt to Calgary Mike Lee
11/15/30 Sharks welcome back Nolan with a draw Mike Lee
11/14/03 Teal, White, and Blue Mike Chen
11/13/03 Improbable rally spoiled Mike Lee
11/12/03 Thornton inks two-year extension Mike Lee
11/11/03 Avs dive past SJ Mike Lee
11/10/03 Selanne returns to San Jose Mike Lee
11/8/03 Two point night for San Jose in D.C. Mike Lee
11/5/03 Sharks lose but lock up another point Mike Lee
11/2/03 Got goals? Ken Smyth
11/2/03 Hard work pays dividends Mike Lee
11/1/03 McCauley explodes for three goals Mike Lee
10/30/03 No breaks in Tampa tie Mike Lee
10/29/03 Don't be a sucker Steve Flores
10/27/03 Kipper deal imminent? Mike Lee
10/26/03 The Korolyuk Conundrum Mike Chen
10/23/03 Preissing salvages a tie for SJ Mike Lee
10/21/03 Sharks shutout again Mike Lee
10/19/03 Sharks need to plug some holes Mike Lee
10/18/03 Scoring drought plagues SJ Mike Lee
10/16/03 Nabokov and Hackett dual to 0-0 tie Mike Lee
10/14/03 Here we go, again? Ken Smyth
10/12/03 Toskala leads SJ to first win of the year Mike Lee
10/9/03 New season, familiar results Mike Lee
10/9/03 (Un)lucky? 13th season begins in Edmonton Thursday Mike Lee
10/2/03 1st period goal fest paces San Jose Mike Lee
9/28/03 PP picks up where it left off in win over Canucks Mike Lee
9/25/03 Sharks fall to Colorado Mike Lee
9/24/03 Camp Notes: 9/24 GJ Berg
9/23/03 What to expect, what to hope Ken Smyth
9/21/03 Camp Notes: 9/21 GJ Berg
9/21/03 Teal of mixed goals Steve Flores
9/15/03 Camp Notes: 9/15 GJ Berg
9/14/03 Camp Notes: 9/14 GJ Berg
9/13/03 Camp Notes: 9/13 GJ Berg
9/11/03 If... Mke Chen
9/11/03 Camp Notes: 9/11 GJ Berg
9/10/03 Camp Hope is open GJ Berg
9/8/03 Sharks take 3rd place at Tourney Mike Lee
8/27/03 Hannan inks one year deal Mike Lee
8/11/03 Thanks Herb... Mike Lee
8/9/03 McKeen's Readers - Top 10 Defensemen Poll Ron Jones
8/5/03 Wake up and smell the coffee Paul Krill
8/3/03 Whose 'C' is it, anyway? Mike Chen
7/15/03 Wilson gathers his flock Mike Lee
7/6/03 Fans should applaud Selanne Mike Lee
7/1/03 Sharks acquire Messier Mike Lee
6/21/03 Sharks nab Michalek with 6th pick Mike Lee
6/18/03 2003 Draft Center Mike Lee
6/16/03 6/16 Summer ramblings Hockey Alliance
6/16/03 Dodging a Bullet Paul Krill
5/29/03 5/29 Summer ramblings Hockey Alliance
5/13/03 From angry to just plain sad Steve Flores
5/13/03 Wilson named new GM Mike Lee

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