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7/26/23 Karlsson saga drags on Mike Lee
7/7/23 The Quentin Musty Show Paul Krill
5/31/23 LGS Stanley Cup Finals Predictions LGS Staff
5/17/23 LGS Conference Finals Predictions LGS Staff
5/2/23 Playoff Round 2 Predictions LGS Staff
4/17/23 Playoff Round 1 Predictions LGS Staff
4/16/23 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 4/16 LGS Staff
4/13/23 Theme of the year: Sharks lose Mike Lee
4/12/23 Zadorov's hat trick burns Sharks Mike Lee
4/10/23 Karlsson scores 100th point, Sharks lose Mike Lee
4/4/23 Sharks drop 4-3 OT decision to Colorado Mike Lee
4/3/23 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 4/2 LGS Staff
3/30/23 Couture bags OT winner to beat Knights Mike Lee
3/28/23 Reimer's gem helps Sharks win at home Mike Lee
3/27/23 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 3/26 LGS Staff
3/23/23 Vancouver takes Sharks to school Mike Lee
3/21/23 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 3/19 LGS Staff
3/20/23 Slick but not slick enough Mike Lee
3/16/23 Sharks Dunn in by Kraken Mike Lee
3/13/23 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 3/12 LGS Staff
3/9/23 Good but not good enough Mike Lee
3/6/23 Sharks stun Jets in OT Mike Lee
3/6/23 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 3/5 LGS Staff
3/5/23 Now is the winter of our discontent Ken Smyth
3/4/23 Caps latest to dole out lesson to Sharks Mike Lee
3/3/23 Trade Deadline: Grier not shy in first deadline day Mike Lee
3/2/23 Blues turn the tables on San Jose Mike Lee
3/1/23 Two Nights with Patrick Marleau Ken Smyth
2/28/23 Les Miserables Mike Lee
2/27/23 Number Retirements: Who's Next? Paul Krill
2/27/23 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 2/26 LGS Staff
2/26/23 Sharks finally trade Timo Meier Mike Lee
2/25/23 A Grand Evening for a Grand Shark Mike Lee
2/25/23 Sharks do it all except win on Marleau's night Mike Lee
2/23/23 Predators smack Sharks 6-2 Mike Lee
2/20/23 Sharks blank Kraken for a home win Mike Lee
2/16/23 Another painful reality Mike Lee
2/14/23 No love from officials in loss Mike Lee
2/12/23 Super effort ends trip with a win Mike Lee
2/7/23 Meier shows his wears in win over Bolts Mike Lee
1/30/23 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 1/29 LGS Staff
1/28/23 Couture has career night in win over Pens Mike Lee
1/27/23 Gut-punch loss in Carolina Mike Lee
1/26/23 Who are these guys Mike Lee
1/24/23 Lack of focus in the OT costs SJ Mike Lee
1/23/23 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 1/22 LGS Staff
1/22/23 Sharks drop 4-0 decision to Bruins Mike Lee
1/18/23 Karlsson leads epic comeback over Stars Mike Lee
1/16/23 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 1/15 LGS Staff
1/16/23 Sharks play well, still fall Mike Lee
1/13/23 Unlucky 7 on Friday the 13th Mike Lee
1/11/23 Kings sweep Sharks Mike Lee
1/10/23 Business in the front, party in the back Mike Lee
1/7/23 Boston shows SJ who's boss Mike Lee
1/6/23 Sharks can't recover from odd offside Mike Lee
1/2/23 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 1/1 LGS Staff
1/1/23 New year kicks off with a win Mike Lee
12/29/22 Lessons not hitting home Mike Lee
12/27/22 Post break thumping Mike Lee
12/23/22 The Elephant in the Tank Paul Krill
12/22/22 Karlsson gives a clinic in win over Wild Mike Lee
12/20/22 Another flammable 3rd roasts Sharks Mike Lee
12/19/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 12/18 LGS Staff
12/18/22 Sharks pay for 3rd period lapse Mike Lee
12/17/22 Sharks waste Reimer gem Mike Lee
12/13/22 Reimer's return results in W Mike Lee
12/12/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 12/11 LGS Staff
12/10/22 The Deal with the Seals Paul Krill
12/9/22 Eetu Makiniemi's big night Mike Lee
12/7/22 Last minute losers Mike Lee
12/5/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 12/4 LGS Staff
12/4/22 Inconsistent Sharks, lose consistently Mike Lee
12/3/22 Penaltyfest costs Sharks Mike Lee
11/30/22 Great performance wasted in Toronto Mike Lee
11/29/22 La Belle Prestation Mike Lee
11/28/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 11/27 LGS Staff
11/27/22 Little mistakes add up in OT loss Mike Lee
11/25/22 Sharks imitate Seals by losing Mike Lee
11/21/22 Khakonen plays big in return to net Mike Lee
11/21/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 11/20 LGS Staff
11/19/22 No response in loss to Rangers Mike Lee
11/17/22 Sloppy loss snaps win streak Mike Lee
11/15/22 Third straight W for Sharks Mike Lee
11/14/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 11/13 LGS Staff
11/13/22 Late push propels Sharks Mike Lee
11/11/2022 Losing streak snapped in Dallas Mike Lee
11/10/22 Sharks lose battle of the basement Mike Lee
11/7/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 11/6 LGS Staff
11/5/22 No Finish Mike Lee
11/3/22 Sharks fall in the Shootout again Mike Lee
11/1/22 Defenseless Sharks fall to Ducks Mike Lee
10/31/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 10/30 LGS Staff
10/30/22 An Evening in the Minors Paul Krill
10/27/22 Karlsson atones for early gaffs Mike Lee
10/26/22 Glass half full Mike Lee
10/25/22 Rough 3rd period sinks Sharks Mike Lee
10/24/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 10/23 LGS Staff
10/23/22 Sharks get gritty in Philly Mike Lee
10/22/22 Sharks back in the L column Mike Lee
10/20/22 Sharks finally get the W Mike Lee
10/18/22 Sharks set franchise mark in futility Mike Lee
10/17/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - for games thru 10/16 LGS Staff
10/16/22 Light at the end of the tunnel? Paul Krill
10/15/22 Sharks honor Wilson with loss to Hawks Mike Lee
10/14/22 The curse of the Burnzbino strikes Mike Lee
10/13/22 Welcome Home Ken Smyth
10/12/22 Celebrating Almost Mike Lee
10/11/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 10/10 LGS Staff
10/8/22 Sharks drop back end of Global Series Mike Lee
10/7/22 Pojdme Žraloci! Mike Lee
10/6/22 New faces, same outlook Mike Lee
7/26/22 Sharks introduce David Quinn Mike Lee
7/13/22 Brent Burns era over in San Jose Mike Lee
7/5/22 Mike Grier hired as Sharks General Manager Mike Lee
5/12/22 Mr. Shark Ken Smyth
5/10/22 Writing a Legacy Ryan Hall
5/10/22 Mr. Shark Calls It a Day Paul Krill
4/28/22 Close but no cigar Mike Lee
4/27/22 30 seasons will do Mike Lee
4/26/22 Sharks drop home finale to Ducks Mike Lee
4/21/22 Blues out last Sharks Mike Lee
4/7/22 Doug Wilson stepping down as Sharks GM Mike Lee
3/31/22 Sharks outclassed late in Denver Mike Lee
3/30/22 Desert Dog Doo Doo Mike Lee
3/22/22 Big comeback in Calgary stuns Flames Mike Lee
3/17/22 Lifeless Sharks miss out on Kings sweep Mike Lee
3/15/22 Sharks gift Panthers a win in Jumbo's return Mike Lee
3/10/22 Sawchenko earns first NHL win Mike Lee
3/6/22 Ducks use trick play to beat Sharks Mike Lee
3/1/22 Sharks drop 12th straight to Knights Mike Lee
2/27/22 A night of firsts in San Jose Mike Lee
2/24/22 Reimer's 44 saves helps Sharks snap streak Mike Lee
2/22/22 Missed opportunities mounting for Sharks Mike Lee
2/20/22 Knights continue ownage of Sharks Mike Lee
2/1/22 Suspect calls cost Sharks in OT loss Mike Lee
1/31/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 1/30 LGS Staff
1/29/22 Sharks miss chance to upset Panthers Mike Lee
1/26/22 Sharks capitalize on their chances in D.C. Mike Lee
1/25/22 Karlsson undergoes surgery Mike Lee
1/24/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 1/23 LGS Staff
1/23/22 The Timo Meier Illusion Paul Krill
1/22/22 San Jose gets zapped by Lightning Mike Lee
1/20/22 Sharks expand woes against Seattle Mike Lee
1/19/22 Ten Game Report Card (Games 31-40) Mike Lee
1/19/22 NHL reschedules 4 Sharks games Mike Lee
1/17/22 Meier Likes the Kings on MLK Day Mike Lee
1/17/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 1/16 LGS Staff
1/15/22 Squandered chances cost Sharks Mike Lee
1/13/22 Shesterkin stymies Sharks Mike Lee
1/11/22 Tako Tuesday at SAP Mike Lee
1/10/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 1/9 LGS Staff
1/8/22 Too much Toe-Mash Mike Lee
1/6/22 Sharks get back to winning Mike Lee
1/4/22 Shorthanded Sharks get shortied Mike Lee
1/3/22 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 1/2 LGS Staff
1/2/22 Sharks late to the New Years party Mike Lee
12/28/21 Sharks survive hapless Coyotes Mike Lee
12/27/21 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 12/26 LGS Staff
12/20/21 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 12/19 LGS Staff
12/19/21 12/21 and 12/23 games postponed Mike Lee
12/17/21 Ten Game Report Card (Games 21-30) Mike Lee
12/16/21 Up and down Sharks, down again Mike Lee
12/14/21 Sharks drop 3-1 decision to Kraken Mike Lee
12/13/21 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 12/12 LGS Staff
12/11/21 Reimer returns to lead SJ Mike Lee
12/9/21 Slow start too much to overcome Mike Lee
12/7/21 Hertl's hat trick powers unlikely win Mike Lee
12/7/21 Another One Bites the Dust Ryan Hall
12/6/21 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 12/5 LGS Staff
12/5/21 Great trip sputters in to average trip Mike Lee
12/3/21 No gas in the tank at MSG Mike Lee
12/2/21 Game goes long on Long Island Mike Lee
12/1/21 Ten Game Report Card (Games 11-20) Mike Lee
11/30/21 Big 2nd period propels SJ in Jersey Mike Lee
11/29/21 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 11/29 LGS Staff
11/28/21 Reimer shuts out Hawks Mike Lee
11/24/21 A night of firsts for several Sharks Mike Lee
11/22/21 Barabanov unlikely hero in OT win Mike Lee
11/22/21 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 11/22 LGS Staff
11/21/21 Never Mind Paul Krill
11/20/21 Washington caps California sweep with win in SJ Mike Lee
11/18/21 Sharks feeling blue after trip ends with loss Mike Lee
11/16/21 Shots over the bow wake up Sharks Mike Lee
11/15/21 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 11/15 LGS Staff
11/13/21 The Malfeasant 7 return to Sharks lineup Mike Lee
11/11/21 Sharks stall against Jets Mike Lee
11/9/21 King of the Hill Mike Lee
11/8/21 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 11/8 LGS Staff
11/6/21 Sharks youngsters learn a lesson in loss to Devils Mike Lee
11/5/21 Sharks return Eklund to Sweden Mike Lee
11/4/21 Inexperience shows Mike Lee
11/3/21 Where Do We Go from Here? Ryan Hall
11/2/21 Sharks infirmary roster continues to deliver Mike Lee
11/1/21 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 11/1 LGS Staff
10/28/21 Late arrival costly Mike Lee
10/26/21 Flat finish to road trip Mike Lee
10/25/21 LGS NHL Power Rankings - Week of 10/25 LGS Staff
10/24/21 Sharks fall short in Beantown Mike Lee
10/22/21 Sharks don't wilt against Leafs Mike Lee
10/21/21 Sharks continue to build Mike Lee
10/19/21 Le Beau Jeu Mike Lee
10/18/21 Monday Odds & Ends Mike Lee
10/16/21 All was right for an evening Mike Lee
10/15/21 Sharks youth movement starts on the blueline Mike Lee
10/13/21 Long Overdue Ryan Hall
10/11/21 Sharks announce roster Mike Lee
10/11/21 The X Factors Paul Krill
10/8/21 What to Expect When You’re Expecting Nothing Ryan Hall
10/5/21 Get ready for a long season Mike Lee

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