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Stories (July 2002 - June 2003)
Date  Title  Author
4/20/03 Let's look ahead Ken Smyth
4/7/03 On the bright side... Mike Chen
4/6/03 The season that wasn't, is no more Mike Lee
4/2/03 Dean Lombardi - We May Miss Him?? Ken Smyth
3/31/03 Playing out the season Mike Lee
3/29/03 Sharks jobbed on last second goal Mike Lee
3/27/03 Toskala stumps Red Wings Mike Lee
3/26/03 Bizarro World Mike Chen
3/24/03 Lightning clinch playoff spot Mike Lee
3/21/03 Damphousse bags a pair in comeback Mike Lee
3/18/03 Sharks fire GM Lombardi Mike Lee
3/17/03 No pot of gold for San Jose Mike Lee
3/15/03 Rookie netminder comes up big for SJ Mike Lee
3/13/03 Ducks flying high after OT win Mike Lee
3/11/03 No mass exodus in San Jose Mike Lee
3/11/03 The Bends Mike Chen
3/10/03 An ace up his sleeve? Mike Lee
3/9/03 A money of a deal Ken Smyth
3/9/03 Nothing but tumbleweed in Dallas Mike Lee
3/8/03 Marchment traded to Colorado Mike Lee
3/8/03 Coyotes bite back in 6-4 debacle Mike Lee
3/6/03 The nightmare continues Steve Flores
3/6/03 Sturm provides a little silver lining Mike Lee
3/5/03 Owen Nolan era ends in San Jose Mike Lee
3/4/03 Depleted roster comes up short Mike Lee
3/3/03 What's the plan? Steve Flores
3/1/03 Sutter gets his revenge Mike Lee
2/27/03 Sharks play streak slayers Mike Lee
2/24/03 Sutter makes his return to SJ Mike Lee
2/23/03 Secret is out Ken Smyth
2/21/03 Sharks take out their frustrations Mike Lee
2/20/03 What the hell is going on? Mike Chen
2/19/03 Early warning sets the stage for loss Mike Lee
2/17/03 Trip from hell mercifully ends Mike Lee
2/16/03 No answers in Dallas Mike Lee
2/14/03 Losing streak ends at four games Mike Lee
2/12/03 Zero offense spells disaster Mike Lee
2/10/03 Hull's 700th helps to do in Sharks Mike Lee
2/9/03 Sharks trade Heins Mike Lee
2/8/03 Sharks starting to show consistency Mike Lee
2/7/03 Comedy of errors in Minnesota Mike Lee
2/6/03 Equally cursed and blessed Mike Chen
2/5/03 Hurricanes merely a gust Mike Lee
2/3/03 What a difference a year makes Mike Lee
1/30/03 Win streak ends at three games Mike Lee
1/28/03 Sharks dismantle Kings again Mike Lee
1/21/03 Decision time Paul Krill
1/19/03 One game at a time Ken Smyth
1/13/03 Hannan's blunder ends in loss Mike Lee
1/11/03 Canucks high powered offense shut down Mike Lee
1/11/03 Development needs development Mike Lee
1/9/03 Unruly Sharks drop another Mike Lee
1/6/03 Special teams circus costs SJ a point Mike Lee
1/5/03 Tidbits for the New Year Paul Krilll
1/1/03 What Does Owen Owe? Mike Chen
1/1/03 Changes - and more to come? Ken Smyth
12/30/02 Cheechoo's prayer answered Mike Lee
12/29/02 Short stint for young Sharks at World Juniors Mike Lee
12/28/02 Thibault saves the day for Chicago Mike Lee
12/26/02 Home stand starts off on positive note Mike Lee
12/26/02 Winter of Discontent Paul Krill
12/23/02 An early lump of coal in Boston Mike Lee
12/19/02 Senators embarrass Sharks Mike Lee
12/17/02 Marleau sparks win over Habs Mike Lee
12/16/02 No relief on the road Mike Lee
12/14/02 Nabokov earns first shutout  
12/12/02 Mario not super enough Mike Lee
12/11/02 Jillson assigned to Cleveland Mike Lee
12/7/02 Predators set back Sharks  
12/6/02 Wilson's debut is a winner Mike Lee
12/6/02 Sharks deal Ragnarsson for McGillis Mike Lee
12/6/02 Two former Sharks named to assitant posts Mike Lee
12/5/02 Sutter takes the fall Steve Flores
12/4/02 Wilson named Sharks new head coach Mike Lee
12/3/02 Sharks regroup in overtime Mike Lee
12/2/02 Surprise? Yes. Shock? No Ken Smyth
12/2/02 Back to square one Erik Kuhre
12/1/02 Sharks fire Darryl Sutter Mike Lee
11/30/02 Risky play proves deadly for San Jose Mike Lee
11/27/02 Road trip ends the way it began Mike Lee
11/25/02 Rebound is the word in St Louis Mike Lee
11/23/02 Sharks lulled to sleep by Pens Mike Lee
11/21/02 Sharks robbed of win in Philly Mike Lee
11/20/02 Finger pointing Steve Flores
11/19/02 Nabokov steals victory from Caps Mike Lee
11/18/02 No excuses Mike Chen
11/17/02 Old-time Sharks hockey Paul Krill
11/16/02 Sharks show bite in 7-3 win Mike Lee
11/15/02 Sharks falter late once again Mike Lee
11/13/02 Thrashers peck out a win Mike Lee
11/12/02 Sharks sign Stuart Mike Lee
11/11/02 Whacky night, same results Mike Lee
11/9/02 Wild continue to dominate Sharks Mike Lee
11/5/02 Sharks return home to pound Potvin Mike Lee
11/4/02 Penalties kill Mike Chen
11/3/02 Sharks clip Ducks in Anaheim Mike Lee
10/31/02 Halloween no treat for Sharks Mike Lee
10/28/02 Contracts, Again??? Ken Smyth
10/27/02 Nabokov's return not enough for San Jose Mike Lee
10/25/02 Four 3rd period goals shock Columbus Mike Lee
10/24/02 Cheechoo bags first NHL goal in Sharks win Mike Lee
10/22/02 Nabokov signs 2-year deal Paul Krill
10/22/02 Nabokov signs 2-year deal Mike Lee
10/21/02 Canucks enjoy taste of stale Shark Mike Lee
10/19/02 Sharks fold in 3rd versus Avalanche Mike Lee
10/17/02 Toskala earns first NHL victory Mike Lee
10/13/02 You ain't seen nothing yet Ken Smyth
10/7/02 How the West was won Mike Chen
10/6/02 Sharks wrap up preseason Mike Lee
10/2/02 Waiver Draft list released Mike Lee
10/2/02 Sharks finally break out Mike Lee
9/30/02 Rookie hopes to crack Sharks roster Steve Flores
9/15/02 First weekend scrimmage pleases Logitech Ice crowd Mike Lee
9/13/02 Training Camp Preview Mike Lee
9/11/02 September 11- A Day To Be Remembered Jeff Ponder
8/28/02 Western Conference Preview Hockey Alliance
8/28/02 Eastern Conference Preview Hockey Alliance
8/6/02 Summer wishes - Winter dreams Ken Smyth
8/5/02 Net results Paul Krill
7/24/02 Daigle a Shark? Mike Lee
7/16/02 Hyvonen traded to Florida Mike Lee
7/7/02 What? No doors hitting hockey star in butt! Steve Flores
7/5/02 Selanne returns to San Jose Mike Lee
7/4/02 Sather making the NHL's problem worse Bob Chebat
6/30/02 So long Teemu! Don't let the door hit you in the butt! Steve Flores
6/18/02 Suter to hang em up? Mike Lee
6/13/02 Shark free agent list
6/10/02 Lombardi re-signed Mike Lee

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