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Our weekly selection of hockey moves that leave us scratching our heads. We don't recommend that any of these feats be attempted at home. Submit your suggestions for Hoser of the Week directly to us at
For the Week of 3/24/03
Montreal Canadien Fans
On Thursday night, a large number of Montreal fans, voicing displeasure with the war in Iraq, booed throughout the Star Spangled Banner, the American national anthem, before a game against the New York Islanders.

Canadiens president Pierre Boivin issued a statement Friday, apologizing on behalf of the organization for the conduct of ''certain fans.''

Saturday, the team asked Beliveau to record statements in French and English, which were played on the arena's video scoreboard before the singing of both anthems.

''During these difficult times, many have an opinion on world affairs,'' Beliveau said. ''Nevertheless, the Montreal Canadiens have been proud to honor both Canada and the United States prior to games for over 50 years, and they hope to maintain this outstanding display of sportsmanship."

''Please, join us here at the Bell Centre in the singing of both national anthems to celebrate the game of hockey. Thank you, and have a good evening.''

Mark Parrish of he Islanders, a native of Bloomington, Minnesota, was upset hearing the boos.

"I came to the game pretty pumped up, but once I heard that it really got me going,'' Parrish said.

"So I guess I can thank them a little bit for getting me more pumped up.

Parrish later added on The Sports Network of Canada: "If it wasn't for America, God knows what language they'd be speaking now."
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