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Our weekly selection of hockey moves that leave us scratching our heads. We don't recommend that any of these feats be attempted at home. Submit your suggestions for Hoser of the Week directly to us at
For the Week of 1/6/03
Columbus Blue Jacket Fans
Two men sustained minor injuries and were taken to a hospital after falling about 15 feet from the stands onto a concrete walkway during an NHL game Saturday night, a Columbus Blue Jackets spokesman said.

The two men were "behaving recklessly'' when they fell onto a floor in front of the Zamboni storage area in the second period of Columbus' game against Phoenix, spokesman Todd Sharrock said.

Robin Bisesi, a fan seated in the section where the fall occurred, said she saw the two men exchange punches while standing near a railing. After they struggled for a few seconds, she said, they flipped over the railing headfirst.

The two men did not want to be taken to Grant Medical Center, but medics insisted as a precaution, Sharrock said. He called their injuries "very minor.''

Play resumed as emergency medical personnel tended the men. Sharrock did not know their names or ages. A nursing supervisor at the hospital said she had no immediate information on them. Columbus won the game, 2-0.
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