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Our weekly selection of hockey moves that leave us scratching our heads. We don't recommend that any of these feats be attempted at home. Submit your suggestions for Hoser of the Week directly to us at
For the Week of 10/28/02
The Calgary Streaker
An unidentified man climbed over the glass next to the penalty box, during the Calgary Flames game vs the Boston Bruins last week, but he wound up hitting his head when he fell. After a 6-minute delay, he was taken off on a stretcher to a loud ovation. Having regained consciousness, he pumped his hands in the air.

What earns him the first Hoser of the Week Award has more to do with his ability to get to the playing surface. With hightened security around the sports world gaining an ugly head of steam, more and more venues are taking the precautious approach. That security was enough in Kansas City last Summer when a base coach for the Royals was attacked on the field by two drunk fans.

The NHL can curb this type of behavior by installing more barriers to the ice, like the protective netting that has been installed at every rink in the league already. Barriers equate to more obstruction with sight lines and a poorer quality product all the way around. "Down in front", never meant so much.
Previous Winners

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4/8/02: Andre Roy - Tampa Bay Lightning

3/4/02: Ed Belfour - Dallas Stars

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