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Our weekly selection of hockey moves that leave us scratching our heads. We don't recommend that any of these feats be attempted at home. Submit your suggestions for Hoser of the Week directly to us at
For the Week of 1/7/02
Thomas Junta & Michael Costin
Junta was convicted last week of manslaughter in the beating death of Costin, after the two began fighting following a pee wee hockey scrimage involving their sons.

Several young skaters, including the men's sons, witnessed the fight between the 270-pound Junta and Costin, who was an inch shorter and 114 pounds smaller.

Prosecutors say Costin died after a savage beating, in which the force of repeated blows to the head and neck severed an artery and caused brain damage. Junta says he landed only "three off-balance" punches in an effort to defend himself.

The case has raised international attention, and has increased awareness of parental behavior at children's sporting events. In any case, the lives of their families will forever be changed because of their own stupidity.
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