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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 4/16/23
4/16/2023 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 65-12-5 9-1-0 Hats off to the Bruins. Most wins ever in the Regular Season. Do they really feel like that dominant of a club though?
2 7 50-23-9 9-0-1 Mattias Ekholm would win the Norris if he had played the entire season in Edmonton, as he's on pace for a +100 rating over a full 82 with the Oilers. Scary!
3 3 51-22-9 6-1-3 The Knights missing the playoffs last year had Sharks gleeful. Now the Knights are back while the Sharks remain bottom feeders.
4 2 52-21-9 5-5-0 The Hurricanes are hoping they get the yips out of the system at the end of the regular season, rather than in the playoffs.
5 9 50-21-11 7-1-2 Leafs fans are upset with a playoff system that has them playing Tampa again in the first round. Umm, how about beating them before you whine.
6 5 52-22-8 7-3-0 In a dogfight with Carolina for the top spot in the Metro. Either way, it could be a date with a New York team looming.
7 8 51-24-7 8-1-1 Can the Av's stay healthy long enough to make a long playoff run?
8 11 47-21-14 8-2-0 Stars finish strong after tripping over themselves for most of March.
9 4 47-22-13 5-2-3 Rangers just might catch the Devils for home ice advantage in Round 1.
10 10 46-25-11 5-3-2 Minnesota has the goaltending, will they score enough to win in the playoffs?
11 6 47-25-10 5-5-0 Remember when all 3 California teams would make the playoffs? Now it's just the Kings.
12 13 46-28-8 6-4-0 Welcome to the playoffs Kracken! Now you get to see what the REAL NHL is like.
13 12 46-30-6 4-6-0 The worst trade of the deadline was for Tanner Jeanotte, but he's just a sign of a front office that is running out of resources and ideas after a lengthy run at the top.
14 15 46-33-3 6-4-0 The Jets are limping towards the playoffs. Can Connor 'Bucky' Helleybuck carry them home?
15 16 42-31-9 5-4-1 Can the Islanders make a splash in the playoffs. They are a team on an upward trajectory but a series win is important for their development.
16 17 42-32-8 6-3-1 The Panthers are red hot, but did they leave things too late? Boston certainly hopes so...
17 14 38-27-17 6-2-2 It's time to be honest: the Flames are an average, underachieving, aging team. Could they become postseason Cinderella's? Maybe. But first they have to make it...
18 18 42-33-7 7-2-1 Meaningful games in the last week of the season. The Sabres look to finally be emerging from the wilderness.
19 19 42-32-8 6-4-0 This feisty squad just ran out of gas. It doesn't look like a big rebuild in Nashville.
20 20 40-31-11 5-4-1 If the Pens make the playoffs it will be solely due to the drive, will, and determination of Sidney Crosby. He may not be the most talented player, but he has champion mettle running through his veins.
21 21 39-35-8 4-3-3 We're still trying to figure out what they were buyers at the deadline.
22 23 38-37-7 5-3-2 Once again, after they're eliminated from playoff contention the Canucks are playing well.
23 22 37-38-8 4-5-1 It's going to boring without any JOrdan Binnington meltdowns in the playoffs.
24 24 35-37-10 4-5-1 The Red Wings jockeyed for better draft position late in the season when they knew they were not going to compete in the playoffs.
25 25 35-37-10 2-6-2 Caps are spraling toward the bottom of the standings. No Ovie in the playoffs this year.
26 26 31-38-13 3-6-1 Does anyone know or care about what's going on in Philly?
27 28 31-45-6 3-7-0 On to the draft!
28 27 28-40-14 1-7-2 A decent middle third of the season was bookended with poor play that resulted in another miserable season in the desert.
29 29 22-44-16 3-6-1 Snagging only 1 point out of a possible 6 vs. Avs, Oilers has put the Sharks right back in the thick of the Connor Bedard Derby.
30 31 25-48-9 2-6-2 As bad a franchise as Columbus is, can the NHL really allow Connor Bedard to rot there?
31 30 26-49-7 2-7-1 Hawks needed to trade Patrick Kane to assure tank position
32 32 23-47-12 0-8-2 It's going to be hard to swallow Bedard playing in the same division as the Sharks for years to come of the statistical odds play out.

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