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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 4/2/23
4/3/2023 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 60-12-5 9-1-0 Don't get too comfy coasting, fellas. The President's Cup has a curse.
2 2 49-18-9 5-4-1 Canes slipped a bit but retain their hold on the 2 spot.
3 3 47-22-7 7-2-1 Looking forward to a Vegas-Edmonton playoff series, with all games having a 6-5 score
4 5 45-21-11 7-2-1 Last year the Rangers were plucky underdogs. This year, they're their hunted with a match-up versus New Jersey likely looming.
5 5 48-21-8 4-4-2 Devils have been spiraling downward, mostly (spanked 6-1 by the Jets on Sunday), although eking out a 2-1 win against the Rangers was encouraging.
6 4 45-22-10 7-2-1 Kings have clinched a playoff spot.
7 11 45-23-9 9-0-1 Oilers are red-hot down the stretch. Do they have what it takes to Connor McDavid a Cup winner?
8 8 45-24-6 8-2-0 Look who decided to join the party. This team could be scary come playoff time.
9 7 45-21-10 5-3-2 Tampa Bay in the first round, again? Something, something about the definition of insanity.
10 9 44-23-9 6-2-2 Could losing Mason Shaw for the season be the one last injury that sinks their playoff chances? Don't bet on it.
11 12 41-21-14 5-4-1 Does Peter DeBoer go job hunting again if the Stars slip this spring?
12 10 45-26-6 6-4-0 Are the Lightning for real? The cap has done it's part to bring parity to the once dominent Lightning.
13 13 41-26-8 4-4-2 Suddenly they're on the playoff bubble. Have the Kracken run out of steam?
14 19 36-26-15 6-2-2 Even if the Flames sneak into the playoffs, how long will they last when Coach Sutter has no confidence in either goalie?
15 14 43-31-3 5-5-0 Jets can't solve the Sharks but stomped on the Devils, 6-1.
16 15 39-30-9 5-4-1 Rangers are are on the verge of displacing the Devils for second place in the Metropolitan Division.
17 16 39-31-7 6-4-0 All Hail the Lyon-King!!
18 20 37-31-7 5-3-2 Is it possible that Devon Levi is the hero the Sabres need?
19 18 39-28-8 4-5-1 Preds just look spent from a season of chasing the pack.
20 17 38-29-10 4-6-0 Pens are hoping for one last shot with the current lineup. They could be a dangerous first round opponent if they can squeeze into a wild card spot.
21 23 37-34-6 4-4-2 They played meaningful games right until the end. Growing pains, and injuries, mean that's the only progress this campaign.
22 22 35-35-7 6-2-2 Time for all fringe players to suddenly realize their contracts will expire and have a hot two weeks
23 21 34-35-7 5-3-2 Rick Tocchet has this team playing hard, but doesn't every new Canucks coach do well for the first three months?
24 25 34-33-9 4-6-0 Remember when this team was the dynasty of the NHL? Now it's rebuilding, rebuilding, rebuilding.
25 24 34-34-9 2-6-2 Wonder how long Ovi will stand for a team that is trying to define its identity.
26 27 29-34-13 5-3-2 It's the Flyers. What did you think was going to happen?
27 26 27-37-13 3-5-2 Will the mounting opposition to the Coyotes' Tempe arena plan mean they move to Houston or Quebec City?
28 32 30-41-6 4-6-0 Gliding gracefully into the offseason. Do they even care about hockey in Montreal after the snow melts?! *sarcasm*
29 30 22-39-15 3-4-3 Sharks have put fans in a tough, tough spot. Nobody wants to lose, but all these wins lately move the Sharks further away from drafting a generational player.
30 31 24-46-6 2-8-0 Rounding into peak draft form!
31 31 24-44-8 3-6-1 We keep hearing that the Jackets aren't that far away from being decent. Some nights that seems like a laughable dream
32 29 23-44-10 1-9-0 Outside of finishing first in the Bedard Tank-a-thon and firing Coach Eakins, do the Ducks have plan for next season?

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