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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 3/26/23
3/27/2023 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 57-11-5 8-2-0 Cruise control until the playoffs. Can they flip the switch when it matters?
2 2 47-16-9 5-4-1 The Hurricanes gave the Bruins a good game on Sunday. What a Eastern Conference Final that would be!!
3 4 46-21-6 8-2-0 The Quick Revenge tour rolls onwards. Can he possibly hold up as 'the guy' for one last dance?
4 5 43-20-10 8-0-2 Kings are just not losing at all lately. Peaking too early, perhaps? How long can they keep this up?
5 3 46-19-8 5-3-2 Devils, with the way they're trending downward lately, could be one round and done if they have to face the rising Rangers.
6 6 43-20-10 8-1-1 Some ESPN commentators had a discussion on which New York sports team was most likely to win a championship. The Rangers were mentioned.
7 8 44-20-9 6-3-1 It's all about tweaking and staying healthy in Toronto as they prepare for a 3rd go at the Lightning in Round 1.
8 10 43-23-6 8-2-0 The biggest question is whether they will be healthy enough to mount a real Cup defence come April?
9 9 42-22-9 6-1-3 The Wild are actually playing better without Kirill Kaprisov in the lineup
10 12 46-26-6 4-5-1 Tampa should be thankful the post-season is only 3 weeks away and not 3 months. There game has fallen apart and the only thing that saves them may be there's not enough time for other Atlantic clubs to catch up.
11 11 41-23-9 7-2-1 A great game between Vegas and Edmonton on Saturday night, perhaps a sneak peek at the 2 vs 3 Pacific Division first round?
12 7 39-20-14 5-4-1 This roster shouldn't be struggling at this time of the year.
13 13 40-24-8 5-3-2 Has the Kraken started to awake? They looked to be sleeping for the last few weeks
14 16 41-30-3 5-5-0 Like the Islanders, the Jets have a goalie that should scare and first round opponent. But can they hold on to their spot?
15 15 37-28-9 6-3-1 Ilya Sorokin should terrify any team that has to play the Isles in the first round. You know the Bruins and Hurricanes don't want anything to do with him come mid-April
16 14 36-30-7 6-3-1 Never has a team craved a decent back-up goalie more than the Panthers! Bobrovsky need a night off if they're going to continue their playoff push
17 17 36-27-10 4-5-1 Gasping. Scraping. Clawing towards the playoffs. But will they have anything left if they make it?
18 18 36-28-8 5-4-1 Looks like David Poile will retire after four decades as an NHL GM sans a single Stanley Cup championship.
19 20 33-26-15 5-3-2 Flames still could make the post-season even after losing Matthew Tkachuck and Johnny Hockey. But can they get a new arena?
20 23 35-31-6 3-5-2 Meanginful games into April is a huge step forward for the Sabres. Their future will be charted this offseason.
21 22 34-34-5 8-2-0 Canucks are red-hot, But it's probably too late to matter.
22 24 33-33-6 6-3-1 So, Joel Hofer is no worse than Jordan Binnington and 1/3 as nuts. Seems like the Blues may have found their new tender moving forward.
23 19 35-33-5 3-6-1 Losing Chychrin for the rest of the Regular Season pretty much ends their post-season aspirations. Still, this season just feels like a success in Ottawa.
24 21 34-32-8 3-5-2 We're still trying to figure out if Ovi's absence was the straw that broke this season't back for the Caps.
25 26 31-32-9 3-7-0 The Wings really are preparing for the offseason by floating through March.
26 25 27-34-13 5-2-3 If the Coyotes end up with the top pick in the draft, imagine how many dumped contracts they could get for it! Their seven hundred fans must be thrilled.
27 27 28-32-12 5-4-1 The first drama-less week for the Flyers in a while.
28 28 29-38-6 3-5-2 At this point who from the Opening Night roster is still playing? The Habs are shutting another regular down every couple days, it seems.
29 29 23-40-10 2-6-2 The Ducks record 6 of 20 points in their last 10 games and this was a good stretch for them.
30 30 24-43-6 2-7-1 Pre-season favorite in the Tank-for-Bedard has gotten surprising competition from Columbus and the Sharks
31 32 23-42-7 3-6-1 One better than the Sharks this week. We're banking on a tight race to the basement this last full month of the season.
32 31 19-39-15 1-6-3 Sharks at this writing are dead-last in the league, which bodes well for the draft lottery. Yay?

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