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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 3/19/23
3/21/2023 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 53-11-5 7-3-0 Will the Presidents' Trophy curse bite the Bruins? A lot of teams hope so.
2 3 45-15-8 6-4-0 Carolina jumps New Jersey, but will it translate in the post season.
3 2 45-18-7 5-3-2 Slumping Devils managed to win on Sunday. Doesn't look like Timo Meier has made all that much difference in their overall play so far - win a bunch, then start losing.
4 4 43-21-6 8-2-0 Is Jonathan Quick the missing piece for Vegas? Haven't we asked that sort of question with every trade they make for a fading star?,
5 7 40-20-10 7-1-2 Kings vs Oilers in 1st round? Bet the over in every game!
6 10 41-19-10 7-2-1 Right now the Rangers are a buzzsaw and the Pens/Preds were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
7 8 38-19-13 7-3-0 Stars rebound after a rough start to March
8 5 42-28-9 6-3-1 Leafs fall three spots. Their trade deadline moves doesn't instill much confidence in the ability to finish come money time.
9 6 40-22-8 7-1-2 The Wild finally cool off.
10 9 40-22-6 6-3-1 Hmm... playoff time is approaching and suddenly Gabriel Landeskog is skating again. What a strange coincidence.
11 13 39-23-8 7-3-0 Be honest: we all want to see McDavid score 60+ goals and hit 150+ points.
12 12 42-23-6 5-4-1 Lightning took 3 of 4 points from the Devils in New Jersey, then came home and lost to them despite Timo Meier and Jack Hughes not scoring.
13 11 38-24-7 6-3-1 Choppy waters for the Kracken. Can they hold on to their postseason spot?
14 17 35-27-7 7-2-1 The Panthers are charging up the standings as of this moment control their own destiny. You can bet Boston doesn't want to face their offense in the first round of the playoffs.
15 15 36-27-8 6-3-1 Are Islanders sniffing the playoffs again?
16 16 39-29-3 4-5-1 The Jets were looking like world beaters in JAnuary, and the wheels have fallen off.
17 14 34-25-10 5-4-1 The Penguins suddenly look old and tired. Funny how the window sometimes closes without you even noticing.
18 18 34-26-8 5-3-2 The Preds look like a team that's out of gas.
19 19 33-31-5 4-5-1 Jakob Chykryn is the answer?
20 21 31-24-15 4-3-3 What's the record for most Loser Points in a season? Flames trying to make the playoffs the hard way!
21 22 33-31-7 4-5-1 At least Ovechkin keeps the games exciting
22 25 31-33-5 8-2-0 Now that they are out of it, the Canucks start playing well.
23 20 33-30-6 2-6-2 For the lack of goaltender a season was lost.
24 24 31-33-5 5-5-0 Jordan Binnington is nothing if not entertaining. He's turned a vanilla mid-pack team that's about to fall into the bottom third of the league worth watching just for his antics.
25 27 27-32-11 6-2-2 Well, suddenly the Coyotes are hot! Just in time to ruin any chance of drafting Connor Bedard. Well done Arizona!!
26 23 30-29-9 2-7-1 Stevie Y's magic will obviously take a couple of years to pay dividends.
27 28 25-32-12 2-6-2 The Flyers are perennial drama queens. This year is not different.
28 26 27-37-6 1-7-2 We all know the fix is in for the Canadiens to win the Bedard lottery.
29 29 23-37-10 4-3-3 Sounds like duck, looks like a duck, must be a another fruitless spring in the OC.
30 30 24-39-5 3-6-1 Will the real Chicago Blackhawks please stand up.
31 32 19-37-14 1-7-2 William Eklund has made the Sharks big-league squad twice and been sent back down twice. Is this how to build goodwill with your future?
32 31 21-41-7 2-6-2 The Jackets reclaim their spot in the Power Ranking basement.

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