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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 3/5/23
3/6/2023 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 49-8-5 10-0-0 The Bruins are all in on this season. It probably won't happen, but can you imagine what would happen if they lost in the first round?!
2 2 41-12-8 7-3-0 After consecutive seasons making trades and losing in the 2nd Round, the Hurricanes are trying something new: make no trades... and probably lose in the 2nd round.
3 3 41-15-6 7-2-1 Timo Meier finally made his Devils debut Sunday after a week on the shelf. He scored the first goal in the Devils' 5-4 OT win.
4 6 38-19-6 7-1-2 The Jonathan Quick revenge tour is just starting its run on the Strip. Grab your popcorn!
5 4 38-17-8 6-4-0 Win a couple. Lose a couple. Toronto has time to work out the kinks ahead of the biggest playoff series in their core's careers. Or so I've been told.
6 9 36-20-8 7-2-1 From a cold, calculating view the Kings did the right things ejecting Quick. From a locker room and karma standpoint, thay may have made a mistake.
7 8 34-21-6 6-2-2 In case anyone's interested, former Sharks defensive prospect Ryan Merkley has one goal and four assists with Colorado's AHL affiliate after 13 games. About the same pace he had with the Sharks' AHL affiliate.
8 10 36-21-6 8-1-1 The State of Hockey is in the playoffs and that's all that matters up there.
9 7 35-19-9 4-5-1 If it's Rangers-Devils in the first round, one of these teams will have re-stocked for a long playoff run, only to lose in the first round.
10 11 34-16-13 4-3-3 Dallas didn't do much at the deadline to bolster their roster, so it will be interesting to see how they do come spring.
11 20 36-21-6 6-3-1 The Kracken stay out of the Trade Deadline. Guess they're "just happy to be here!", playing meaningful March hockey.
12 5 37-21-5 2-5-3 Lightning are slumping big time. Five losses in a row at press time.
13 12 34-22-8 4-3-3 Mattias Ekholm is exactly what this team needed. Too bad they couldn't clone him as they still need one MORE shut-down Top 4 Dman.
14 15 32-25-8 5-2-3 Another team tooling up for next season, adding Bo Horvat can't hurt
15 13 36-25-2 3-6-1 The Jets should be ashamed at themselves for making nice guy Rick Bowness lose his temper at them. I'm not even mad... just disappointed in them.
16 13 32-25-4 6-4-0 All the Sabres needed to find was a goaltender, under the age of 40, who can make saves. And they came up short. I guess it's up to Old Man Anderson, UPL, and Comrie. Oh Buffalo...
17 21 32-26-4 7-2-1 The Sens may have made the trade of the deadline when they acquired Chychrun without giving up a player. Ottawa is charging hard, with a bright future ahead.
18 18 31-22-9 5-5-0 Putting the band back together worked for Boston, but it's a bit late for the Pens
19 17 31-23-6 6-4-0 Steal of the Trade Deadline? Getting 4 picks and a player for Tanner Jeanott. Steal of the Season? Getting Barry Trotz to inherit from David Poille. Preds getting things done!
20 19 31-27-6 5-5-0 Another team that did little to get better, but perhaps the Panthers realize it ain't happening this season.
21 23 31-27-6 3-7-0 Slumping Caps still smoked the Sharks, pouring in eight goals after giving up the first two.
22 22 27-23-13 2-5-3 Darryl Sutter says he'd boo the Flames too. Isn't he the coach? That's like admitting to the world that you've sucked at your job and deserve to be fired!!
23 16 28-26-9 3-6-1 While the Red Wings faded and became sellers, Yzerman has this franchise on the way back towards respectibility.
24 25 27-30-5 3-5-2 Rebuild or retool? The Blues are trying to piece it together on the fly.
25 24 26-33-4 4-6-0 Give coach Martin St Louis another season before the knives come out. Suzuki and Caulfield can make things fun to watch when they are both healthy.
26 29 25-32-5 4-5-1 It sure looks like this team is already planning their tank for the 2024 draft
27 28 24-28-11 2-6-2 How does Cliff Fletcher still have a job after failing to move out a single meaningful contract for assets?!
28 27 21-32-10 4-4-2 So, GM Bill Amstrong said they got less for Chychrun because they were not willing to take a bad contract back in return. Then, they traded for the LTIR contract of Voracek. That's Exhibit A for why the Coyotes are a permanent resident of the lowest tier in the Power Rankings.
29 31 21-34-8 4-4-2 The Ducks playig their way out of the Bedard Cup.
30 26 21-36-5 5-5-0 Patrick Kane was finally traded. Are the Blackhawks really going to rebuild or will that old Bill Wirtz DNA kick in and keep them lousy to save money?
31 30 18-33-12 2-7-1 Failing to capitalize on Karlssons career year may end up being the biggest miss in recent memory. GM Mike Grier better hope this works out well at the Draft.
32 32 20-37-6 4-4-2 Their ex-coach, John Tortorella should send them a thank you card for firing him. Not that his Flyers are that much better, but at least he's out of this mess.

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