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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 2/26/23
2/27/2023 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 45-8-5 7-2-1 Bruins are fine tuning for the playoffs
2 2 39-11-8 8-2-0 Hurricanes missed out on Timo Meier, now they'll be looking over their shoulder to see what New Jersey is doing.
3 3 39-15-5 7-2-1 Gotta wonder if Timo Meier puts them over the top, or if they just bought an extra game or two in the first roung? Would anyone favour the Devils over the Rangers with their current rosters?
4 6 37-15-8 7-3-0 Toronto acted first, but Boston and Tampe have made their countermoves. What do the Leafs do next? A fascinating arms race in the Atlantic!
5 5 37-18-4 5-2-3 Tanner Jeanott better turn out to be a star or Tampa will be ruing that trade for years
6 10 35-18-6 6-1-3 Thank you, Vegas, for trading Nick Suzuki, a first-round pick in 2017, to the Canadiens, where he can tally nearly a point a night in the other conference.
7 9 34-17-9 6-3-1 Patrick Kane seems like a formality, but is that enough? Do the Rangers have another move planned as they eye a second round matchup against Carolina and beyond?
8 14 33-19-5 7-1-2 The Cale Makar injury could really sink their season. He's transcendant, but at some point you have to let a concussion really, truly heal before coming back to play
9 12 33-20-8 5-3-2 The Kings have done little to tweak the roster, but do they need to. They've been creaping up on Vegas.
10 13 33-21-6 6-2-2 Minnesota looks solid, but can they make a move up to home ice in the 1st round.
11 8 31-16-12 3-3-4 Every team has bumps throughout the season and this is time for the Stars to go off the rails a bit. They drop a bit in the rankings afte a touch two weeks.
12 11 32-20-8 4-2-4 The big question is whether Ken Holland pulls the trigger on a big deal or tries to work on the edges? At some point it has to be 'all in' time in Edmonton.
13 4 35-24-1 4-6-0 The Jets need to figure out if they have what it takes to do some damage in the playoffs, or if they're just trying to make an appearance.
14 19 31-23-4 5-4-1 Hard charging Sabres are winning games ugly. Sooner or later they need to start playing post-season style hockey, but man, this ride if a blast!
15 22 31-25-7 5-3-2 The Islanders were in on lots of potential moves, but not really doing much. Do they have the pieces to do some damage this spring or not.
16 24 28-22-8 7-3-0 The Red Wings are emerging as a potential dark horse with a nice February push.
17 20 29-22-6 6-4-0 Quite a run for David Poile with Barry Trotz coming in as GM, but the Predators appear to be sellers at the deadline.
18 17 29-21-9 5-5-0 Just when the penguins look finished, they hammer Tampa. Will Hextall make a move to bring in reinforcements?
19 18 29-26-6 6-4-0 Incredible how far this team has fallen in one year. They were the cat's meow last season at this time.
20 7 32-21-6 3-6-1 Can the Kraken avoid becoming sush in the remaining weeks of the season?
21 25 28-26-4 6-3-1 Glimmers of hope followed by weeks of mediocrity. Will this franchise ever turn it around?
22 16 27-21-12 3-4-3 Three losses last week bookend a win over Arizona. Darryl Sutter's grip is slipping in Alberta.
23 15 29-27-6 3-7-0 Condolences to Alex Ovechkin on the loss of his dad. Looks like Alex will be back in time to play the Sharks on March 4.
24 26 25-30-4 5-5-0 Sneaky good deal for the rebuilding Habs as thay flip Dadonov to the Stars for Gurianov.
25 21 26-28-5 3-5-2 Barbashev now gone to Vegas, that 2019 Stanley Cup winning Blues team was a one (dirty) hit wonder
26 28 21-32-5 6-3-1 The Patrick Kane saga doesn't seem to be a distrciation for teh Hawks, who have dug themselves out of the NHL basement.
27 31 20-30-9 4-2-4 Another team for Shea Weber to not play for. He's going to be busy with alumni events when his contract finally runs out in 2055
28 23 23-28-10 2-7-1 We're convinced there are university clubs that could beat the 2022-23 Flyers. Handily.
29 27 23-31-5 3-5-2 Bo Horvat appears to have been teh glue that held this disaster together. The Canucks are slowly creeping into the Bedard sweepstakes.
30 29 18-30-12 4-5-1 The big trade is done; and so is the Sharks season for all practical purposes except for draft position
31 30 19-34-7 3-5-2 The Ducks finish the week with wins over Washington and Carolina on the road. Who are these guys?
32 32 19-35-6 4-3-3 Four losses last week. This team focused on the draft lottery.

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