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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 1/15/23
1/16/2023 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 33-5-4 7-1-2 Nothing slows down the Bruins. You have to wonder if they're going too hard in the Regular season and whether this catches up with them come April?
2 2 27-9-8 5-3-2 Carolina is seriously good, the Metro division playoffs could be worth skipping work early to watch.
3 9 29-14-1 8-2-0 Big jump after quietly winning 8 of their last 10.
4 6 27-13-1 7-3-0 Only the Jets and Kraken have perfomed better over the last two weeks.
5 13 28-12-3 6-3-1 Gem of a game between the Devils and Sharks on Monday. Devils show what kind of rewards can be reaped from winning the draft lottery: Jack Hughes and Nico Hischier
6 16 26-12-4 8-2-0 7-0 on the recent road trip, including some good opponents
7 4 25-12-7 6-3-1 Dalls goes 6-3-1 and still slips three spots. That tells you how well some other teams are playing.
8 5 28-14-2 6-3-1 Injuries starting to take a bite out of the Knights. There has got to be a sense of deja vu after last seasons IR debacle.
9 3 26-11-7 5-4-1 Mediocre span bites the Leafs.
10 8 25-15-6 6-3-1 Still a team to pay attention to but they lapsed the last 10 days.
11 11 24-13-7 6-2-2 Will be interesting to see what this roster can do come playoff time.
12 7 23-16-6 5-3-2 Russian machine never breaks. Congrats to Ovi on another 30+ goal season.
13 17 21-14-9 6-2-2 Climbing the midfield.
14 10 24-14-4 5-3-2 The Wild were starting to turn heads and then some ho-hum performances hits them in the rankings.
15 19 24-18-3 6-3-1 Hey look! The Oilers can't keep the puck out of their net again. You gotta love throwbacks!
16 18 23-18-3 5-4-1 Better than most midfield teams, but still not a serious contender.
17 12 21-18-2 6-4-0 Sabres are a real team, finally, but the Metro division will be taking all the wild card spots in the Eastern Conference unless something wild happens
18 14 21-17-3 3-6-1 You can only use injuries as an excuse so long, defending champion Avs could be squeezed out of a playoff spot. Do they miss Nico Sturm and Nasim Kadri that much?
19 15 21-15- 2-6-2 The Pens seem listless and uninspired. Maybe age has finally caught up with them?
20 20 21-20-3 5-4-1 Oh how the mighty have fallen in 12 short months.
21 21 19-17-6 5-4-1 This team has the pieces, but they just never seem to be able to string wins together.
22 26 18-18-7 7-3-0 Hey, look who woke up after John Tortarella decided to get chipp in the media.
23 23 20-20-4 5-5-0 Is Sergie Bobrovsky a legit goaltender again? The Panthers better hope so...
24 22 19-20-3 5-4-1 The real Senators show up after a brief run in December.
25 24 18-16-7 5-5-0 The Wings are still in an evolution. Give their youngsters more time and we'll be singing a different tune in a couple of years.
26 25 18-22-3 3-7-0 Expect the Canucks to take a dive into the tank before the trade deadline
27 27 18-23-3 2-7-0 Going through growing pains right now. It might not be pretty, but there's a good nucleus being constructed in Montreal.
28 29 13-23-8 3-5-2 If it wasn't for EK65, would anyone pay attentiont to Sharks games? Do you get the feeling that Karlsson and Meier are auditioning? Especially Meier in a contract year.
29 31 11-26-4 4-6-0 The Hawks show some signs of life and muck up their run at Bedard.
30 30 12-27-4 3-6-1 These bottom ten teams all look the same on the ice. Flashes of some good things but in the end, they're just a bad team.
31 28 13-25-5 1-9-0 Losers of 9 in a row. Lifeless. Hopeless. Arizona.
32 32 13-27-2 3-7-0 This team has slowly sunk to the depths of power rankings hell.

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