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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 12/18/22
12/19/2022 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 24-4-2 7-1-2 Mid-December hiccups for the Bruins. That's why a win in October is as important as one later in the season.
2 3 19-7-6 7-2-1 The Leafs have been red hot lately, proving that when there's no pressure, they can beat anyone.
3 10 19-6-6 9-0-1 You can say their schedule is weak now, but the Canes are taking advantage of it
4 6 20-9-1 8-2-0 Championship pedigree starting to show itself.
5 16 18-10-5 8-1-1 While the Devils have fallen, their neighbors in Manhattan have risen, going 8-1-1 in their last 10 games and smoking the Blackharks 7-1 on Sunday.
6 2 21-8-2 4-4-2 How the briefly mighty have fallen. Five straight losses. Yikes. Guess it's better to lose a bunch now than wait until May.
7 9 18-8-6 6-2-2 Not a great week, but look at their schedule
8 8 18-9-4 7-2-1 Is it possible tha Sidney Crosby is undervalued? How do he, and the Pens, continue to fly under the radar?
9 5 22-10-1 6-4-0 Pretty bad all year at home, but Phil Kessel really likes those buffets on the Strip
10 14 18-11-2 8-2-0 WIld jump 4 spots on a very good week and a team that appears to be gelling.
11 4 20-10-1 6-4-0 So Josh Morrissey is getting Norris Trophy buzz. Seems unlikely, but the Jets themselves may be for real.
12 17 16-13-4 7-2-1 Ask yourself this: if it wasn't for Ovechkin would anymoe talk about the Caps at all? That's a sign this team needs a shakeup.
13 15 17-12-5 5-3-2 Goalie Cal Petersen might look into an apartment in Ontario, the way Copley is playing for the Kings, he might be in the AHL for a while and the commute on the I-10 from LA is a killer
14 7 17-10-3 5-5-0 Not a great road trip for the Kraken, they can't always outscore their own goaltending
15 12 17-14-1 5-4-1 Sounds mean, but the Oilers should trade Draisaitl and McDavid both and start building a real team. And, welcome to Edmonton, Jason Demers
16 18 16-11-2 4-5-1 How do you stop the Avs? Simply remove half of their Top 6 forwards. High octane team looking very ordinary, right now.
17 24 15-14-2 6-2-2 Long-time sad sacks, the Sabres are finally rising.
18 11 18-13-1 4-5-1 Isles plummet on bad losses to weak teams.
19 19 15-13-4 5-5-0 Treading water and dealing with injuries. This was always a transition year in Florida, but bodies breaking down bodes poorly for the future.
20 22 14-12-6 4-3-3 The Flames came to San Jose this weekend with a 5-game losing streak. They will look to leave Tuesday evening wih a 2-game winning streak.
21 26 14-15-2 6-3-1 Big week for the Sens, who are slowly digging themselves out of the basement.
22 25 15-15-1 4-5-1 One of these days someone is going to make Jordan Binnington answer the bell. I'm not so certain he's going to enjoy that. Perhaps he should work on his leaky glovehand and leave the rough stuff to someone else.
23 23 13-14-3 6-4-0 Decent week, but the turmoil is hard to take these guys seriously.
24 13 13-11-6 2-6-2 Since Thanksgiving, Wings looking like two week old leftovers
25 21 14-15-2 3-6-1 Down we go again, why is it that streaky scorers go into slumps together?
26 20 12-13-4 3-5-2 Since opening the season with 2 wins against the Sharks in the Czech Republic, the Preds have only won 10 times in 27 games.
27 27 10-15-7 3-5-2 Remember when the Flyers started off hot uder Tortorella? Us neither.
28 29 10-17-6 3-4-3 While the Sharks have a slim chance of snagging can't miss phenom Connor Bedard in the '23 draft, they already have William Eklund and Thomas Bordeleau, both with 9 points in their past 10 AHL games. The temporary change in the Caltrain schedule is great for Sharks' fans, it gets them out of the building before the third period!
29 28 10-15-4 3-6-1 The most interesting action in Mullet Arena is from the fans! That was a great throwdown!!
30 30 10-18-2 3-6-1 Hard to believe that Johnny Gaudreau thought this would be a place to expand his career.
31 32 9-20-3 3-5-2 If the Kings can snag a few wins with a rookie goaltender, why can’t the Ducks?
32 31 7-19-4 1-9-0 The Kane and Toews Farewell Concert Tour continues. Pick up a t-shirt so you can brag in fifteen years.

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