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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 12/11/22
12/12/2022 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 22-4-1 7-2-1 The stars have aligned perfectly for the B's so far.
2 2 21-5-1 7-2-1 Devils have settled in, losing a couple games recently to the Preds and Isles, but the Bruins have lost, too. Jack Hughes skated a shift of more than six minutes, supposedly a league record. Might as well keep the star player on the ice.
3 3 18-5-6 8-0-2 Probably the hottest team in the league, and doing that without Austin Matthews playing to potential. The Leafs are for real.
4 7 18-8-1 7-3-0 Leading the Central Division for now. Who'd have thunk it?
5 6 20-9-1 5-5-0 Eric Karlsson would do wonders for this roster, but the Knights would need some serious Vegas accounting magic to pull it off.
6 5 17-9-1 7-3-0 Lighting go 2-1 on the week, but the loss to Detroit had them chasing all night.
7 4 16-8-3 7-3-0 Outscoring your opposition to make up for mediocre goaltending isn't a long-term solution but the Kraken are getting away with it for now
8 11 16-8-4 8-1-1 Kris Letang has suffered two strokes and still plays in the NHL. Amazing, to say the least.
9 8 16-7-5 5-2-3 Joe Pavelski, age 38, has 29 points in 28 games. The Sharks letting him go after the 2018-2019 season seemed like the right thing to do at the time, I guess.
10 9 15-6-6 5-1-4 Nothing Carolina does in the regular season will matter. They'll be judged solely on if their best players show up in the postseason.
11 10 17-12-0 6-4-0 The Isles have a big win over New Jersey but finish the week 2-2.
12 17 16-12-0 6-4-0 You wonder how long until the Oilers pull the trigger on a Jakob Chychrun trade?
13 13 13-8-6 5-3-2 Stevie Y doing his thing in Detroit, while Tampa slows crumbles. Makes you wonder who really deserves the credit for those cup wins.
14 14 14-11-2 7-3-0 The Wild could use some help, but the Suter and Parise buy-outs are dead weight on their salary cap.
15 18 15-11-5 4-3-3 The Kings should hire Tom Brady's personal trainer to see if they can squeeze a few more years out of goaltender Jonathan Quick.
16 19 14-10-5 5-4-1 The Rangers jump three spots with big wins over St Louis, Vegas and Colorado.
17 25 14-12-4 7-2-1 Once Ovie gets his record, will the Caps keep pushing or will they fade? The Metro Division playoff race is tight.
18 12 14-10-2 4-5-1 Avs have descended to mediocrity fast. Having both Gabriel Landeskog and Nathan MacKinnon both injured will do that. But if they get healthy for the playoffs, watch out.
19 16 13-12-4 4-4-2 Imagine if they didn't have all that money tied up in Bobrovsky and could use it to get some D depth?! That contract ages worse with every puck that flies past Goalie Bob.
20 15 12-11-2 6-3-1 The Predators had a week to rest, then promptly lost two in a row.
21 21 13-12-2 5-4-1 The Habs compete hard every night and that keeps them in games. Building good habits now will pay off in the years ahead.
22 20 13-11-4 4-4-2 Mediocre week, but losing to Columbus helped drop the Flames 2 spots.
23 23 12-13-3 6-4-0 Are the Canucks a good team with bad luck or a so-so team that goes on win streaks?
24 24 12-14-2 5-3-2 That Tage Thompson kid can sure play. Too bad he didn't score a couple more to Leaf fans could finally stop talking about Sittler's 6.
25 22 12-15-1 2-7-1 Another recent Cup-hoisting team that has fallen down the standings.
26 26 11-14-2 5-4-1 The Senators are for sale, Elon. And the building is already pretty empty.
27 27 9-13-7 2-5-3 The good feelings have worn out in Philly. This is a bad team that will only sink lower in the standings the more games they play.
28 29 9-13-4 3-4-3 Getting outshot 2:1 in every game isn't a valid gameplan. Some one needs to let the Coyotes know this!
29 30 9-16-5 3-5-2 Unfortunately for the rebuild, the teams that could really use Eric Karlsson can't afford to take on his contract.
30 28 10-15-2 4-5-1 Two wins in 5 games, not helping the Jackets climb the ladder.
31 31 7-15-4 1-8-1 Three losses last week solidfying the Hawks at the bottom of the rankings.
32 32 7-18-3 2-6-2 Coach Dallas Eakins always looks like he's miserable, this season he has cause. They need to trade goaltender Josh Gibson before he goes crazy from battle fatigue.

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