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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 11/27/22
11/28/2022 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 18-3-0 8-2-0 You gotta wonder if the B's have rolled back the clock, or if they are pouring everything into this hot start? What happens when - if? - hard times hit?
2 3 18-4-0 9-1-0 The Devil's can't be this good, can they? At some point we might have to accept that they are what their record says they are!
3 7 13-5-3 8-1-1 Surprising everyone, though it looks like Martin Jones still doesn't move that glove very fast
4 2 16-6-1 5-4-1 The Knights cool down a bit after a torrid start to November. Does a loss to the Kraken mean they are getting schooled by an expansion team?
5 6 13-5-6 6-1-3 If you believe teams can rally and be galvinized by off-ice events, then the Leafs might just be playing this season for Borje Salming.
6 10 12-6-1 8-2-0 The World Champs are slowing climbing the ladder and people are start to take notice.
7 11 13-6-1 7-3-0 A first place showdown the the Avs looms on Tuesday. Are the Jets for real? Sure looks like it right now.
8 12 15-8-0 7-3-0 If they could only tow Long Island over to the Pacific they'd be a lock for the playoffs
9 5 12-6-4 4-3-3 If you're a Sharks fan, don't look at Joe Pavelski's stats
10 13 11-5-4 6-2-2 The Wings are back and the rankings reflect the slow climb back to prominence
11 4 12-7-1 6-3-1 The Lightning are a win streak away from climbing a competitive East ladder
12 8 12-9-3 5-3-2 Todd McLellan is the king of under-performing teams. These guys don't know if they're good or bad yet
13 9 11-6-5 3-3-4 Not as good as they thought they'd be, maybe if they could score?
14 16 11-8-3 7-2-1 There is a pulse in the Pens. They are the odds on favorite to reclaim a top spot by the end of the season
15 14 10-8-4 4-4-2 What happened to the Rangers? They forgot how good they were last season and have reverted to the last decade of mediocrity
16 19 11-10-0 8-2-0 The Blues are starting to get hot, so the rest of the league should take notice
17 18 11-9-1 6-4-0 Two years removed from a Stanley Cup appearance and some bad personnel decisions have made the task of reclaiming a spot as a power performer are still a work in progress
18 17 10-8-3 4-4-2 The midpack Panthers are a far cry from their dominent selves of last season
19 15 11-10-0 4-6-0 An F1 engine offense inside a 1995 Ford Escort chassis of team defense. This can't last, can it? Also, who'd have thought they'd miss Evander Kane so much?
20 22 10-9-2 5-4-1 Middle of the pack, with as mediocre an offering as they come.
21 21 9-9-3 4-5-1 The trade with Florida seems to have screwed up both teams
22 20 9-9-2 6-3-1 The Predators are performing better, but their slow start is still dragging them down
23 24 9-10-3 6-4-0 In a world where coaches get fired quickly, it's nice to see a club hold the line and be rewarded. Suddenly the Canucks are back in the thick of things.
24 25 9-11-3 4-5-1 They need everyone to get healthy and five years younger
25 23 7-10-5 0-7-3 Can Gritty start in goal?
26 29 9-12-0 2-8-0 Looking better, but they are in a tough division
27 28 7-13-4 4-5-1 EK65 is the current betting favourite for the Norris trophy. No further comment needed.
28 30 7-10-3 4-4-2 The Coyes were the best of the worst last week, allowing them to climb two spots
29 31 8-12-1 4-5-1 The Senators are positioned to battle for Bedard. They don't have the personnel to make a run at a playoff spot which is magnified by inept management
30 26 6-11-4 1-7-2 The Hawks have won once in their last 10 games. They are proving to be as bad as we all thought they were
31 27 7-12-1 4-5-1 This team may not be as bad as their ranking suggests. Johnny Hockey needs to help revive this franchise.
32 32 6-15-1 2-8-0 No cavalry in sight for the sad sack Ducks

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