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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 11/20/22
11/21/2022 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 16-2-0 9-1-0 Still on top, still rolling through thei schedule. Not musch to alter with this team right now.
2 2 14-4-1 7-2-1 Could being in the same division as McDavid inspire Jack Eichel? So far, it has.
3 5 15-3-0 10-0-0 Another loss-free week by the Devils. They have to lose eventually, right?
4 12 11-6-1 7-2-1 The Bolts make a big jump this week on a turnaround that has this perennial playoff team heading in the right direction.
5 9 11-5-2 6-3-1 The Stars continue to impress in the West.
6 10 10-5-4 6-1-3 So Jake Muzzin is hurt now? Maybe the plan to sign only 30+ year old d-men wasn't well thought out.
7 11 10-5-3 7-2-1 Seattle borrowed Vegas' plan to build up a contender with young players. Unlike the Knights, they are actually following it.
8 8 11-8-2 5-3-2 The Kings hold the 8 spot even though they have a mediocre week.
9 4 10-5-3 5-3-2 The Canes slip 5 spots on a less than stellar week and up and coming teams in the Pacific that are getting it done.
10 6 10-5-1 7-3-0 Despite losing Landeskog to injury, the Av's keep on humming
11 7 10-5-1 7-2-1 The most scary aspect of the Jets is that you never know which team you're going to get on any given night, or any given period. It does keep their opponents - and fans - off balance.
12 3 11-8-0 6-4-0 The Isles slip 9 spots on a weird set of games.
13 16 9-5-4 5-3-2 The rebuild has progressed nicely. Can the Sharks learn from it?
14 15 9-6-4 5-3-2 NY's third best team is still pretty good, but that won't be enough to satisfy their fans.
15 13 10-8-0 5-5-0 Skinner in net. McDrai up front. If the Oilers ever get the guts to trade for a legit #1 D, they will run the Western Conference.
16 21 9-7-3 5-3-2 Suddenly the Pens are back to winning. Maybe they just need a little longer to get limbered up and rolling, due to their 'advanced' age?
17 14 9-8-2 4-5-1 Last season, when the Panthers won their first 8 and 10 of their first 11, must seem like a lifetime ago.
18 17 9-8-1 5-4-1 Nice bounceback by the Habs so far this season.
19 28 9-8-0 6-4-0 Streaky team is streaky. Who are the real Blues?
20 25 8-8-2 5-4-1 The Preds starting to awaken from their early season slumber?
21 19 8-7-2 3-5-2 Darryl Sutter has to be second guessing some of the moves the Flames made in the off season.
22 20 8-8-2 5-4-1 Mid-pack team playing like an underachiever.
23 18 7-7-4 2-5-3 Maybe letting Claude Giroux wasn't the smartest thing to do.
24 29 6-9-3 5-4-1 Still no coaching change? Is Rutherford actually going to hold the players accountable for playing like hot garbage?! Novel approach!!
25 22 7-10-3 2-6-2 Future Hall of Famer Alex Ovechkin still lights the lamp, but he was at -14 through Sunday.
26 24 6-9-3 2-6-2 So now the Hawks don't want to trade Patrick Kane? Who's running the joint?
27 32 7-10-1 4-5-1 It must be fun to watch Johnny Gaudreau play hockey. That's all most of his teammates seem to be doing.
28 27 6-11-3 3-4-3 EK65 sure is fun to watch! The problem is that he's both too good for this current Sharks team, and too expensive to trade.
29 23 7-11-0 2-8-0 It was fun while it lasted, but a losing culture is hard to shake. They need a gamebreaking talent to fight against the tide. The Sabres ("Buffalo Charge") made the cover of The Hockey News. Umm, should have waited to write that story.
30 26 6-9-1 4-5-1 About halfway through a (yikes!) 14 game road-trip to allow their arena to be finished. Maybe this is also a "cunning plan" to maximize the number of games during the snowbird season.
31 30 6-10-1 2-7-1 We thought those guys the Sens got from the Sharks in the Karlsson trade (Josh Norris, and, via draft pick, Tim Stutzle, were going to turn that frnachise around. But it hasn't happened yet.
32 31 5-12-1 4-6-0 Wonder how many 'Michigan' goals it will take for Trevor Zegras to forget about all the losing? Or how many losses before he just stops trying?

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