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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 11/13/22
11/14/2022 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 14-2-0 9-1-0 Did the Bruins really think they could sneak the Mitchell Miller signing (he of bullying fame) under the radar and not set off alarms? Oops.
2 2 13-3-0 9-1-0 Give the GM of this franchise all the credit in the world fo retooling even after their cap issues over the summer.
3 15 11-6-0 8-2-0 Look who made one of the biggest jumps of the week. The Isles are starting to gel.
4 3 10-5-1 6-4-0 Carolina feels overrated. Lots of nice pieces, but will they hold up when the games really matter?
5 5 12-3-0 9-1-0 Are the Devils peaking too early? What good is a 9-game win streak in the fall when the playoffs are not until spring?
6 12 8-5-1 6-4-0 Avs are on cruise control. Championship mettle where they know how much to give, on any night, to get the result they need.
7 9 9-4-1 7-2-1 No quit in the Jets. Can they sustain this effort all season? If so, Rick Bowness gets the credit.
8 19 10-7-1 6-3-1 Sorry, still not believing - but they look good so far
9 4 9-5-1 5-5-0 The Stars played mediocre hockey last week which included a loss to the Sharks in regulation.
10 6 8-5-3 4-3-3 Matthews is scoring. Everyone can step off their respective ledge on Yonge Street.
11 11 8-5-3 6-3-1 The Kraken are a surprise, playing better than a lot of us probably expected.
12 7 8-6-1 6-3-1 We can't quite figure this team out. Do they want to contend or not?
13 13 9-7-0 6-4-0 Maybe Stuart Skinner is the answer?
14 10 8-6-1 5-5-0 Panthers look good, but there's missing a certain 'something'. Wins are great, but nothing looks easy right now.
15 16 8-6-3 5-4-1 Still something missing from the fire they lt late last season.
16 8 7-5-3 4-5-1 The Wings need more consistency in their play. They have lots of young pieces that still need some time to mature.
17 24 8-6-1 4-5-1 The Canadiens are at least entertaining, unlike their rivals in Toronto
18 17 7-6-2 3-5-2 The Flyers fooled us early, but are starting to come back down to earth.
19 18 7-6-2 3-5-2 Darryl Sutten might be missing the ranch. Flames just can't seem to put it all together.
20 22 7-6-2 6-3-1 Coach Jaques Lemaire has been gone for years, but the “Wild” can still put you to sleep for half a game
21 21 6-6-3 2-6-2 Is this cyclical drop where they land another franchise player ala Crosby, Lemieux and Jagr?
22 20 7-8-2 3-5-2 Ovi's personal accomplishments the only thing to write home about.
23 14 7-8-0 3-7-0 Jack Eichel is the latest player who left and became a star like Buffalo fans hoped he'd be as a Sabre. Hmmmm..
24 23 6-6-3 3-4-3 The Hawks might have what it takes to reach the playoffs, but they still need a couple of pieces to return to respectibility.
25 25 6-8-1 4-6-0 Glimmes of hope in Nashville, but they dug such a deep hole that it's going to take some work to get back on track.
26 30 6-8-1 5-4-1 Perhaps the surprise of November so far.
27 31 5-9-3 4-3-3 If this team could avoide the shootout, they might be a lot higher in the Pacific.
28 26 6-8-0 3-7-0 Was there ever any doubt the Blues' franchise-record 8-game losing streak would end once the Sharks came to town?
29 28 4-9-3 4-5-1 Bruce Beaudreau may be fired by the team you read this.
30 27 5-9-1 2-7-1 Sens fans will give the team a pass for a few days due to the Hall of Fame induction of Daniel 'Alfie Alfie Alfie' Alfredsson
31 29 4-10-1 3-7-0 The Ducks are positioned nicely in the Connor Bedard Sweepstakes.
32 32 4-9-1 3-6-1 Long season ahead in Ohio. Wonder if Johnny Hockey misses Calgary yet?

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