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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for games thru 11/6/22
11/7/2022 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 10-2-0 8-2-0 Everything was fine in Boston until someone in management decided to create the mother of all distractions by signing Mitchell Miller. 48 hours of chaos, a mutiny in the dressing room, and the end of their 9 game winning streak; all for a self-inflicted wound. Unbelievable.
2 2 11-2-0 8-2-0 Our hopes that Vegas missing the playoffs last season would trigger a complete freefall for this franchise have been completely dashed so far.
3 5 8-3-1 6-3-1 Three wins last week what we all expected from this roster.
4 9 8-3-1 6-3-1 Just what is it that Peter DeBoer does in his first season with a team?
5 10 9-3-0 9-1-0 Love what you're doing Jersey! Quick question: Who's going to play goalie if Vitek Vanacek gets hurt or needs a night off, because the stable is looking pretty bare? Just asking for a friend...
6 17 7-4-2 5-3-2 How is "Should Austin Matthews fight?" even a question?! Here Toronto, let's help you out: No. No he should not. See, that wasn't so hard.
7 14 7-4-1 6-3-1 The big jump more of an effect of other failures. This team has much to prove.
8 13 7-3-2 5-3-2 It's Dominick Kubalik and Dylan Larkin vs. the World! And so far, that has been enough.
9 12 7-3-1 6-3-1 Is it possible that Connor Helleybuck could drag this team into a playoff spot? Lots of games left to play, but so far it seems almost possible.
10 4 7-5-1 5-4-1 I'd be in favour of a Florida vs LA Stanley Cup Finals just to see how many LA Kings Matthew Tkachuk could drive to madness. Living rent free in Doughty, Quick, and Kopitar's heads already!
11 26 7-4-2 6-3-1 It's a feel good story in Seattle right now, but does anyone actually trust the Kracken to keep playing at this level?
12 21 6-4-1 5-4-1 At this point you gotta wonder how much Gabriel Landeskog has left? His body seems to be breaking down every season.
13 3 7-5-0 6-4-0 You know, maybe it's not the goaltenders. Maybe it's the team in front of them...
14 8 7-5-0 6-4-0 Tage Thompson can legit play. A few players like him and Dahlin and the Sabres are set.
15 15 7-5-0 6-4-0 Rounding into form. Turns out Lou Lamoriello knows what he's doing.
16 6 6-4-3 4-3-3 Rangers not generating much positive support as they have yet to prove with big wins.
17 11 6-3-2 5-3-2 It's hard to believe the Flyers aren't a mirage right now. Check back in on them after 10 more games.
18 7 5-4-1 5-4-1 Maybe the Flames didn't win the Tkachuk trade after all? Huberdeau and Sutter don't seem to mesh, and Weeger still seems lost in his own end.
19 20 7-6-1 5-4-1 Mediocre week for a team still trying to define itself.
20 18 5-6-2 4-4-2 Alex Ovechkin continues to be the only noteworthy item on this team. Which isn't that bad, since, ya know, he just passed Gordie Howe for most goals by a player for a single franchise. But the Caps better figure out how to right the ship, and soon.
21 19 4-6-2 2-6-2 Three losses, including those to Sabres and Krakens have the Pensin a free fall.
22 25 5-5-1 5-4-1 Fleury is a good goalie for the interviews if nothing else!
23 24 5-5-2 5-3-2 Another wounded goaltender! The Blackhawks' tank plan is working to perfection
24 16 5-6-1 4-5-1 Entertainment wise, the Habs are vastly improved over last year. Standings wise, not so much. But that's a good combination for a rebuild in hockey crazed Montreal.
25 27 5-6-1 3-6-1 A glimmer of hope last week with two wins in three games.
26 22 3-6-0 3-6-0 Boo'd off their own home ice. That's a rough week for any team. Looks like someone (everyone)found the hole in Jordan Binnington.
27 23 4-7-0 4-6-0 Something is brewing in Ottawa. Signs of life. Potential new owners and new rink. If it's done right, all three could coincide at the perfect time.
28 28 3-6-3 3-4-3 Not much to write home about with the Canucks. They've yet to string any runs together and it doesn't look as if that's about to change anytime soon.
29 30 4-8-1 3-6-1 The only team Anaheim can beat is San Jose. Curse the new reduced divisional play!!!!
30 31 4-6-1 4-5-1 Good news for Arizona: they've worked their GAA down to a slim 4 per game!
31 32 3-8-3 3-4-3 Sharks on Saturday resembled the Martin Jones era. Sharks: Work, work, work, work, to maybe get the puck in the net. Other team: Just throw the puck in the general direction of the Sharks net and in it goes.
32 29 3-9-0 3-7-0 The Johnny Gaudreau signing hasn't exactly turned the Blue Jackets into a league powerhouse. But it sold a lot of tickets.

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