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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for the Week Ending 1/30
1/31/2022 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 5 32-8-3 10-0-0 A ten-game winning streak. Other teams fans can only imagine what this is like. New king of the hill this week.
2 1 31-9-5 8-2-0 Firepower for days. It takes a full 60 minutes to beat the Cats, something San Jose learned the hard way.
3 3 31-9-2 7-2-1 Four wins in four games but the Canes still drop a spot because of the red hot Avalanche.
4 2 29-10-6 7-2-1 Watching the Lightning play hockey is like watching a master artist paint. Everything is effortless. No movement is wasted. Sublime talent and polished perfection.
5 6 29-13-4 6-4-0 A pair of losses last week costs the Rangers a spot.
6 4 27-10-3 7-2-1 The Leafs haven't lost since January 19th. They're a solid top 4 team right now.
7 7 27-11-7 6-2-2 Lose to the Kraken and Red Wings, and still move up a spot. It's not a perfect ranking!
8 10 27-10-3 8-1-1 The streaking Wild are back to winning. Watch out if they get hot at the right time.
9 8 24-12-9 4-5-1 The wheels are starting to fall off in D.C.
10 9 26-13-5 7-3-0 The Blues split the week, and still move up a spot.
11 11 27-14-4 5-3-2 Big moves by the upper echelon force the PReds down two spots.
12 13 25-14-3 6-3-1 Three losses in four games should have taken a bigger toll on the Bruis spot in the rankings.
13 12 26-16-3 4-4-2 Weren't these guys supposed to be leading the division by a zillion points by now?
14 15 21-13-6 4-6-0 As expected, Calgary passed the Sharks once the dramatic difference in games played started narrowing.
15 14 23-16-7 5-3-2 Kings have been putting distance between them and the Sharks since the Timo Meier's 5-goal game against them on MLK Day.
16 16 23-16-8 5-4-1 Middle of the road has been all ups and downs for the Ducks. Contenders or pretenders?
17 20 22-16-2 4-4-2 Edmonton's turn to host The Evander Kane Show. He's seems to have had issues wherever he's been. Evander Kane gets another second chance. Are they serious about getting Martin Jones to improve their goaltending?
18 17 18-16-7 3-5-2 Like the Bruiins, the Jets should have paid a bigger price for their lousy week.
19 19 23-17-2 6-4-0 Do the Stars try for a playoff run or tool up for another year?
20 18 22-20-3 4-4-2 Sharks have looked good but not good enough on this killer road trip. Should have more points.
21 21 19-19-6 3-4-3 Thatcher Demko is back and hot! That makes the Canucks dangerous again.
22 23 15-16-6 6-4-0 Early magic on the Island starting to face reality.
23 22 19-20-6 3-4-3 Red Wings still in the bottom third.
24 24 20-21-1 5-5-0 Losses to the Sens and Rangers make for a bad week.
25 25 16-21-7 5-3-2 A big win over the Red Wings bookended by losses to the Avalanche.
26 26 15-23-5 2-8-0 They're wasting Jack Hughes. Time to get the man some assistance and support!
27 29 14-22-8 1-7-2 The Flyers not only lose, they look bad. Hence the smirk on Ron Hextall's face.
28 27 14-23-7 4-5-1 Seems Sam Reinhardt can play, just not in Buffalo. (There's a lot of guys who fit that description)
29 28 13-21-4 4-4-2 Is there no one on this club that can answer the bell against Aaron Dell? For the rebuild to truly turn the corner they need to develop a 'team first' mentality.
30 30 14-26-4 4-6-0 Seattle starting to play better, but a bit late in the season
31 31 10-29-4 3-6-1 If they move to a 5000 seat arena, and they can't fill it, can we all finally just admit hockey in Arizona doesn't work?
32 32 8-29-7 1-6-3 Not only do they lose a lot, but they're super soft. Not good.
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