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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for the Week Ending 1/23
1/24/2022 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 28-9-5 7-2-1 Tops in the league but still near the bottom in attendance. And no covid restrictions to blame. (But Joe Thornton still picked the right speeding train to hop on for a chance at that elusive Stanley Cup ring.)
2 3 28-10-5 7-3-0 Tampa: Wins Cup in '04, collapses so quickly they end drafting first overall and then second overall within 5 years, getting Stamkos and Hedman. Just doesn't seem right.
3 2 27-9-2 7-2-1 The Storm Surge is back! Will Justin Williams make a cameo and chase one last ring?
4 4 25-10-3 7-2-1 Leefs not able to take advantage of lots of rest. Better than the Isles, but dropped a key matchup to the Rangers.
5 6 28-8-3 9-0-1 Four games last week, all wins. 6 wins in a row. This team is white hot right now.
6 5 27-11-4 7-3-0 Can't take the Rangers seriosuly until they can beat the elite.
7 8 26-10-5 8-2-0 Crosby, Malkin, and Letang: Song as old as time!
8 7 23-10-9 4-4-2 If Ovechkin wins the Rocket Richard does qualify as a successful season for the Capitals?
9 10 25-11-5 8-2-0 How many years left on that fat contract to Binnington? Did he have Martin Jones' agent?
10 12 24-10-3 5-3-2 A pair of wins over Chicago blemished with a shootout loss to Colorado.
11 9 26-14-3 6-3-1 Losses to Vancouver and St Louis overshadow wins over Detroit and Winnipeg. Not quite elite.
12 11 24-15-2 4-4-2 Knights slip a spot after dropping one to Pittsburgh.
13 13 24-12-2 8-2-0 Moving Pastrnak down a line may light something under Taylor Hall. A cell phone flashlight would be an improvement at this point.
14 14 21-16-5 6-4-0 The Sharks, Bolts and Avs cool off the resurgent Kings. Three losses last week helped Anaheim and SJ stay within striking distance.
15 15 18-12-6 3-6-1 The Sutten bump appears to be over. Now we find out justhow good the Flames really are.
16 16 20-16-7 3-7-0 The Ducks had dropped 4 straight before shocking the Lightning last week.
17 17 17-14-7 4-4-2 Losses to Washington, Nashville and Boston not a great week for the perrenial midfielder.
18 18 21-19-2 4-5-1 Lost twice to Seattle and were completely embarassed by Tampa Bay. But tell us about that wonderful spirit in the dressing room.
19 20 20-16-2 6-4-0 Could be a lot of younger faces in the dressing room after the trade deadline, and not because of Botox.
20 19 19-16-2 3-5-2 Nothing will ever truly be fixed in Edmonton without a real #1 goalie
21 21 18-19-4 4-4-2 Is Bruce Beaudreau the greatest coach in NHL Regular season history? Discuss amongst yourselves. And text him if you have a set of goalie pads, a negative covid test, and are free on evenings this week.
22 22 18-18-6 3-4-3 The Wings still struggling to climb out of the bottom 10.
23 24 14-14-6 7-2-1 The Islanders push back to contention continues. But is the road too long?
24 23 18-20-1 3-7-0 The Jackets splt the Pennsylvania two-step last week.
25 25 15-19-7 4-3-3 Losses to Seattle, and back to backs to Minnesota not a great week for the Hawks.
26 26 15-20-5 5-5-0 With guys like Jack Hughes, Nico Hischier and Ty Smith, it should only be a matter of time before this team stops all the losing.
27 26 13-21-7 3-5-2 For day at least, Peyton Krebs showed the Sabres a vision of what they could become.
28 29 12-20-3 4-4-2 Sends swept last week, including a 3-1 decision to fellow dishrah Buffalo.
29 27 13-20-8 0-8-2 The only team that makes Edmonton's goaltending look good.
30 30 13-24-4 3-7-0 2-0 against the Sharks, 11-24-4 against everybody else. The Sharks should be embarrassed.
31 31 10-26-4 4-5-1 Word is that Jakob Chychrun is heading out, and not at the price Arizona had hoped to extract. How many blows can this franchise absorb before they reach the point of no return?
32 32 8-25-7 2-4-4 How the mighty have fallen.
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