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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for the Week Ending 1/16
1/17/2022 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at LetsGoSharks.com submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 1 26-7-5 8-1-1 Exacting their dominance and they're deservingly at the top of the rankings.
2 2 25-8-2 7-2-1 Pretty good week for the Canes, but they still sit a smidge below the Panthers.
3 3 26-9-5 6-3-1 The Lightning wiped out three teams they should wipe out this week and are starting to solidify their spot at the top.
4 5 24-9-3 7-2-1 That Matthews kid is pretty good! But they need to clean up their own end to make some real noise.
5 4 25-10-4 6-3-1 The Rangers acting tough? Well, it was against the Sharks, but still
6 10 24-8-3 8-1-1 Only an overtime loss to the Predators blemished the new king of the hill in the West.
7 4 21-8-9 4-3-3 Matt Irwin is back!
8 9 22-10-5 8-2-0 Getting it cranked up for one more playoff run
9 8 24-12-3 6-2-2 Losing to a red hot Boston is one thing, but dropping a game to Buffalo was a stain on the Preds recent winning.
10 11 22-11-5 7-3-0 Good enough to beat scrub teams but Toronto knocked up back into reality this week.
11 7 23-14-2 5-3-2 Two games postponed this week, but losses in 4 of their last 5 has the Knights wishing Eichel was ready now.
12 12 22-10-2 5-4-1 Two postponements and a win over Anaheim, keep the Wild just out of the top 10.
13 15 22-11-2 8-2-0 Smoking hot week for the Bruins this week, including wins over Washington and Nashville.
14 16 20-13-5 7-3-0 The league needs to take notice of the fact that this team beat the Rangers and Penguins in back to back games.
15 13 17-11-6 2-7-1 Two games postponed and a loss to Ottawa. Mediocre is mediocre.
16 14 19-15-7 2-6-2 The Cinderella start slipped on a banana peel the last two weeks and the Ducks go Quack!
17 17 17-12-5 5-4-1 A shutout of Detroit and two postponements has us wondering what we're really going to see from the Jets.
18 21 20-17-2 5-4-1 Does every goaltender plays like Ken Dryden against the Sharks, or do the Sharks just have some weakness when it comes to scoring? Three regulation-time goals in their last three games.
19 18 18-15-2 2-6-2 Something is wrong in Edmonton. They aren't as bad their recent record, but can Ken Holland afford patience?
20 19 18-15-2 5-5-0 Will they be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline?
21 20 16-18-3 6-3-1 Three losses. albeit to East Coast power houses cot the Canucks a spot in the rankings.
22 22 17-17-5 3-5-2 The Wings should have been punished for a 1-3 week, and that only win came over Buffalo.
23 23 17-18-1 3-7-0 Like the Wings, the Jackets should have paid the price for their 1-2-0 week.
24 24 11-13-6 6-3-1 Starting to heat up a bit on the Island. Do they have the big streak in them though?
25 27 15-18-5 4-3-3 The Hawks jump two spots after sweeping the week with wins over Columbus, Montreal and Anaheim.
26 25 14-18-6 4-6-0 The Hawks week the only reason the Devils lose a spot.
27 26 13-17-7 2-5-3 Lost a bunch of games? Check. Criticism from past legends? Check. Players tuned out? Check. Welcome to rock bottom Philly!
28 28 11-20-6 3-5-2 Rough week for the Sabres, who had to face Tampa and a resurgent Detroit.
29 30 11-18-2 6-3-1 Looking better, when they are able to play
30 29 10-23-4 1-8-1 Kracken sinking to the bottom of the standings, as is right and just for an expansion team.
31 32 8-24-4 3-5-2 Have the Coyotes improved, or have the Habs and Kracken make them look better by comparison?
32 31 7-24-5 1-7-2 The good news is that the Front Office hirings are beginning. But it's a long road back to respectable in the years to come.
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