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LGS NHL Power Rankings
for the Week Ending 11/21
11/22/2021 - By LGS Staff
The staff writers at submit their league rankings each week, and we average submissions for each team. Here are the LGS NHL Power Rankings for this week:

Rank Rank Last Week Team Record Last 10 The Skinny
1 2 14-2-0 8-2-0 After another monster week, the Hurricanes grab the top spot in the Rankings.
2 1 13-2-3 5-2-3 They had to cool down a bit. Losing Barkov hurts them, but week-to-week is better than month-to-month.
3 3 13-4-0 7-3-0 If Even Bouchard, Stuar Skinner, and Philip Broberg really are ready for the big stage, the Oil will be nearly impossible to beat.
4 5 13-6-1 8-2-0 Well yeah, ok, whatever. But April and May are when we find out about this team
5 6 11-3-5 6-2-2 The Ovi show rolls on. Did he leave signed pucks for the San Jose and LA coaching staffs?
6 4 11-6-1 6-3-1 The Wild drop two posts afer losing three of four games, including a 4-1 loss to San Jose.
7 10 11-3-5 5-2-3 The Flames jump 3 spots after wins over Ottawa, Buffalo, the Islanders and Boston.
8 9 11-4-3 6-2-2 The Rangers are quietly putting together a nice season. three wins this week helps the, jump up a spot.
9 7 9-4-4 5-2-3 The Jets drop 2 of 3 and ay the price in the rankings this week. Losing to Vancouver didn't help the cause.
10 12 10-4-3 7-1-2 The Lighting are starting to wake up, maybe the smell of flocking snowbirds does it.
11 14 10-5-3 8-1-1 Huge week for the Ducks, with their only loss coming against Washington. Question is can they stay up?
12 8 9-6-2 3-5-2 The Blues have teh biggest drop in the rankings this week after losing 3 of 4, including a 2-1 abomination to the Coyotes. Only SJ bailed them out this week.
13 13 11-7-0 7-3-0 A pair of wins over teams they should beat offset by a loss to top ranked Carolina.
14 11 9-7-1 6-3-1 The Predators get shutout by Toronto then lose to the Canadiens, so the rankigs fall is more than justified.
15 15 8-5-3 4-4-2 The on again, off again season in Philly continues. We're not sure what to do with them, so they stay cemented in the midfield.
16 16 8-5-3 4-3-3 Saw the Dallas Star's alternate jersey and said "hold my beer". Yuck!!!
17 18 9-6-0 6-4-0 The B's jump a position with wins over Montreal and Philly, but they do drop a game versus higher ranked Calgary.
18 19 8-7-3 6-2-2 The Kings move up a spot even after dropping all three games this week. That's how bad the team's around them are.
19 20 9-6-0 6-4-0 The Jackets move up a spot after winning 2 of 3 this week. Their only blemish was a tough one-goal loss to a surging Vegas club.
20 22 8-5-1 7-2-1 The Avs are getting healthy, and the rest of the league should be worried about that.
21 24 7-6-4 4-4-2 Another anomoly in terms of their ranking. They deserved to drop this week after dropping three of four.
22 17 8-9-3 4-5-1 The Winged Wheel goes flat on the road.
23 21 5-8-2 3-6-1 Now that they're finally playing some home games, they should move up.
24 23 8-8-1 4-5-1 Eight goals in last five games- maybe they should be playing in the NASL. Was that an Evander Kane sighting at Sharks Ice?
25 26 7-7-2 4-4-2 New third jerseys even uglier than last season's
26 25 7-8-2 2-7-1 A dismal week. Once Eichel was shipped all hope starting to leak away in Western New York.
27 27 6-11-2 3-6-1 The only thing keeping this team down is poor coaching, a stubborn GM, fractured locker room, and no confidence. Thatcher Demko is pretty good though!
28 29 6-10-2 6-4-0 Signs of a pulse! Is the hole do big though?
29 28 4-10-1 2-7-1 The Sens get a much needed bye week courtesy of COVID. Incomplete.
30 30 5-13-2 3-5-2 Seattle was the expansion team, not you. Can Carey Price come back with some mojo?
31 31 5-12-1 2-8-0 Awful. Putrid. Going for the retro 90's expansion team blueprint. Look for the Kraken to contend in early 2026!
32 32 4-13-2 4-5-1 Another win!
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