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2018 Playoffs - Quarter Finals Predictions
We call it like we see it
4/11/18 - By LGS Staff -

Playoff time! For those of us who were seeing the Sharks all season long as a “meh” team that might or might not make the post-season, the late acquisitions of Evander Kane and Eric Fehr were a wake up. They also woke up the team that never seemed to put more than three good games in a row.

Like everyone else who clinches a playoff spot early (cough, Warriors, cough), the Sharks looked sloppy the last couple weeks. Can they come out of this? Your guess is as good as ours.

The staff writers at put their collective heads together (which equated to a half a normal human brain), and we present our predictions for the 2018 NHL Playoffs - Quarter Finals Edition.

Series Ken Smyth Paul Krill Mike Lee
TOR vs BOS Every eastern Canada writer had the Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup. When the Leafs lived up to their name, they bailed and went on to Boston. Such a decision. Will Freddie Anderson stay healthy for Toronto vs will Brad Marchand keep from gooning it up and getting suspended? Boston in seven. Marleau and Co. are only getting better. Toronto in 6 The Leafs have the youth movement in progress, but the Bruins have the experience. Bostin in 6
TB vs NJ The Devils got hot and Taylor Hall looked like he was out to prove why he was the wrong guy for Edmonton to trade. Lightning were fizzling late in the year. NJ Devils in six. The Devils have beaten the Lightning everytime this year and have no pressure on them. Taylor Hall has been ruling on the ice, lately. Devils in 7 The Lightning will represent the East in the Stanley Cup Finals. Tampa Bay in 5
PIT vs PHI Pens are clearly better but Flyers really want to beat them, up preferably. This might be a whose-backup-goalie-surprises series. Philadelphia Flyers in seven Pittsburgh has to be tired and the Flyers got a lot better. Flyers in six. This series will be quick and painful for the Flyers. The Pens are still king, and their experience will dispatch the Flyers quickly. Pittsburgh in 4.
WAS vs CBJ I don’t care much. Caps in six Pittsburgh has to be tired and the Flyers got a lot better. Flyers in six. Alex Ovechkin will cement his playoff legacy as an under achiver, but it won't happen in this series. Washington in 6.
NSH vs COL Who are we kidding? Preds in five Nashville in 5. Nashville is on a roll. Not sure if anyone can stop them for more than a game or two The Avalanche were a nice reclamation project, but the West will be represented by the Predators come Finals time. Nashville just has to stay healty. Predators in 5.
WPG vs MIN Every western Canada writer had the Edmonton Oilers winning the Stanley Cup. When it was clear this Would Not Happen, Period, they bailed and went for Winnipeg. The Wild played the Sharks like they were in a game seven last Saturday, even without Suter they could last a round. The young Jets have surprised a lot of people this season, but that’s like many Sharks teams that flopped in the first round. My head says Jets in five, but heart tells me Wild in seven. Winnipeg in 6. Winnipeg is looking good and Minnesota just lost Ryan Suter. The Jets will finally recognize some success in the playoffs, it's too bad the Predators are in the west. Minnesota doesn't have the firepower. Winnipeg in 6.
LA vs VGK The Vegas Golden Knights play fast, the LA Kings are even more of a bore than Darryl Sutter's final years coaching there. Marc-Andre Fleury’s Stanley Cup experience will help here, Golden Knights in six games Benefactors of those great expansion draft rules, the Knights will eliminate the Kings in 5 The NHL will find a way to allow the Knights to win a playoff series, but then they'll have to play real hockey against real opponents. The Kings were lucky to qualify for the playoffs. Knights in 6.
SJ vs ANA The Sharks improved the team towards the end of the season, while the Ducks lost Cam Fowler for at least the first round and goaltender Josh Gibson every other game. The Ducks like playing the old west-coast bang-em game that wiped the glass with the Sharks in 2009. The Sharks are hoping to roll four lines against the Ducks this time, vs two lines and a prayer back then. But the Sharks need to wake up from their nap this last ten days that allowed the Ducks to gain the home ice advantage in this series. Sharks in six games Tough to call. The Sharks won 8 in a row late, only to cancel out most of it by losing 5 of their last six. Anaheim pretty much bores me. Let's go with Sharks in 7 This is a coin toss. It depends on which Sharks team shows up. San Jose is more skilled, but the gritty Ducks have a way of agitating the best of them come playoff time. If Joe Thornton makes an appearance, the Sharks will dominate. San Jose in 6.


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