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Pacific Division Power Rankings
The Week Before Christmas Edition
12/19/16 - By Ryan Hall -

T'was the week before Christmas and all through the League,
Teams were eyeing the break, worn out from fatigue.
Over 30 games had been played, by one and by all,
The standings so close, it was too close to call.

The Pacific Division was hard-fought and tight,
With control of it shifting with each passing night.
Five teams had emerged, were surging ahead,
While the postseason hopes of two others were dead.

January will bring more confusion; such a clatter,
Fans yelling at screens, wondering what is the matter.
Away from that though, let us fly like a flash,
To review what already has come to pass.

#1 - San Jose Sharks (Last Ranking: 1)

The team at the top - for the moment at least,
San Jose has been led by a well-bearded beast.
Burns play is making Norris votes appear,
Which would be a Shark first if the trophy did appear.

Others have chipped in: Couture has shot, Jumbo has passed.
Not to mention the clutch scoring of the incomparable Pavs.
Jones has been solid, as we all knew he would.
If this continues, San Jose should be 'All Good!'

#2 - Anaheim Ducks (Last Ranking: 3)

His eyes how they twinkled! His dimples how merry!
Seeing Coach Carlyle smile? That's just plain scary!
More often his mouth is drawn up like a bow,
Plotting bag skates until the ice is covered with snow.

These Ducks are an enigma, winning by the skin of their teeth.
Beating good teams, losing to those beneath.
Inconsistent goaltending perhaps is at fault,
More Gibson struggles could their season halt.

#3 - Calgary Flames (Last Ranking: 5)

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
Only 10 games ago the Flames were poised to die.
Then winning began, and up the standings they flew,
Led by Monahan, Hamilton, and Gaudreau too!

Bad defense? In a twinkling, it was gone!
Scoring slump? Fled away like night from the dawn!
Now everyone's head is turning around,
To see if the Flames can perhaps be playoff bound.

#4 - Edmonton Oilers (Last Ranking: 4)

Their little coach, scowling like a felon,
You know in one glance it must be Todd McClellan!
More rapid than eagles, his forwards they came,
He whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

"Now, McDavid! Now, Lucic! Now, Eberle and Drai(saitl)!
Come on! Backcheck! In your own end you must play!
To the top of the Pacific, we can beat them all!
But only if defensively, together, you stand tall!"

#5 - Los Angeles Kings (Last Ranking: 2)

Dressed all in black, from their head to their foot,
No Quick? Kopitar Struggling? This season is kaput!
Great amount of checkers with grit galore,
Sad that not one of them knows how to score.

Coach Sutter stews silently, as the Kings grind and work,
After a loss, short with the media: acting the jerk.
A scratch of the nose, a bite of the lip,
Why even bother, just rerun that previous interview clip.

#6 - Vancouver Canucks (Last Ranking: 6)

The stump of a team, held together by money,
With talent so thin it almost seems funny.
Their coach on the hot seat, the roster most pitiful,
Vancouver contending would be a holiday miracle.

Make the fans all snug in their beds,
Let visions of Stanley Cups and 2011 'what ifs?' dance in their heads!
As the Sedin's, Ryan Miller, and Loui Eriksson eat Cap,
Just settle their brains for a long, multi-season, winter nap.

#7 - Arizona Coyotes (Last Ranking: 7)

They look fearsome and quick, so assured of themselves,
Yet I laughed at the standings, in spit of myself.
A -27 differential in 31 games hurts my head,
Though it lets everyone know Arizona is nothing to dread.

Little good is happening in the Desert this year,
Except more Trade Talk, and franchise future fear.
Yet at this festive time, let's end with something light:
"Happy Christmas Coyote Fans! Rejoice, there's no game that night!"

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