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Pacific Division Power Ranking #4
Holiday Tunes Edition
12/17/14 - By Ryan Hall -

Here we are in the middle of December, with Christmas only a few short days away. As shoppers fill the malls, presents pile up under the tree, and kids hit their Christmas holiday, the NHL also prepares to shut down for a couple days. It's a time of peace and quiet reflection, and of course a deluge of holiday music; though for some teams in the Pacific Division those tune aren't going to be very merry. In fact, whether they are naughty or nice, each of the 7 squads that grace the far west has their own holiday theme that best describes their season so far. So, let's drop into their locker rooms and see what festive tunes are blasting.

#1 - Anaheim Ducks (Wonderful Christmas Time)

Let's face it, this has been a very good first 30 games for Anaheim. Things have gone their way, and even when injuries have bit into the lineup, other players have stepped up to carry the load. The result is that there's nothing to gripe about on the pond, and that means the Ducks are free to sit back and enjoy the season. Even more impressively, like this Paul McCartney classic, Anaheim has use a tried and true formula for success: good goaltending, lots of scoring, and consistent back-end play. Sounds like a hit to me!

Last Ranking: 4

#2 - San Jose Sharks (Feliz Navidad)

I feel almost in shock putting the Sharks at 2nd place, after the rough waters that they were swimming in 2 weeks ago. But a string of home wins, and a renewed emphasis on defensive play, have seen the boys in teal rise up the standings. However, questions remain about how substance there really is to this squad? I mean, it's nice to see them winning, but are they really turning the corner? That question will continue to be asked until a definitive answer is given. For now though, like Jose Feliciano's ditty they make me smile, even if it is a little formulaic and repetitive.

Last Ranking: 5

#3 - Vancouver Canucks (Jingle Bells)

Just like this old standby tune, the Canucks are dependable and reliable. You know they'll win about half of their games, and occasionally hit a hot streak to pump up their positioning a bit. There is something to be said for predictability, and really, which fan base wouldn't be happy with their team being a winning hockey club? Still, like Jingle Bells, Vancouver isn't going to get much press because they're not exciting, new, or… really… interesting this season. However, that might be enough to earn a playoff trip, as they look poised to stand test of time that is the NHL season.

Last Ranking: 2

#4 - Los Angeles King (Santa Baby)

Okay, try and get the image of Darryl Sutter in a cocktail dress huskily singing this song out of your head. Gah!! But if there ever was a tune that captured the Kings it would be this one about an extravagant wish list to Santa Clause. But wait, don't the Kings already have an embarrassment of riches? They do, but despite this talent they appear to be lacking a shot in the arm, and so rumblings from LA are starting to be heard that the Kings are in the market for a top flight scorer to fix this broken offense. You know, just one little thing to help them get over the hump. Is that too much to ask?

Last Ranking: 3

#5 - Calgary Flames (Little Drummer Boy)

I'm getting tired of beating the 'hard working Flames' drum (sorry), but really that is what Calgary is. And just like the character is the classic holiday song, they don't have much to give, but that doesn't stop them from laying it all on the line when the moment arrives. It's really heartwarming when you stop and think about it, but sadly the NHL is a cruel reality with no points awarded for sentimentality. To reach their final goal, Calgary is going to need to continue to pour themselves out every game, though hope is on the horizon as their young talent continues to add depth. In another year or two Calgary should trade in that solo drum for something bigger, as they become a force to be reckoned with.

Last Ranking: 1

#6 - Arizona Coyotes (Silent Night)

No goals being scored? No fans in attendance to watch? Yup, I'd call that a Silent Night. What's most surprising is that no matter how bad things get, there is no news coming out of the desert. No roster moves. No management changes. Nothing at all. Yes, all may be calm, but things sure aren't very bright! It makes me wonder if perhaps Arizona has already given up on this season, and has decided to just roll the dice on drafting a franchise player. If they have, that could explain the lack of action; or maybe they just took December off to Christmas shop and drink eggnog.

Last Ranking: 6

#7 - Edmonton Oilers (Grandma got run over by a Reindeer)

Ahh, the classic holiday tune about making fun of horrible accidents. The Oilers have become a living parody of that song, as they continue to sink further into hockey oblivion. Let's see if we can recap the latest humorous disasters: losing 11 games in a row, firing their coach, hiring a guy they passed over last time to be the new head coach, having the GM decide he wanted to help coach with the new guy, then bringing back a former player (Kelly Buchberger) to coach the AHL team. And that's just the last 10 days. It might just be time to let the entire team get run over a rogue reindeer, and start over again. Who knows? Maybe Santa will give them a late gift in Connor McDavid?

Last Ranking: 7

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