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Video greetings hit the mark again
An annual tradition doesn't disappoint
12/18/13 - By Mike Lee -

The crazy elves of Santa Clara street turned another rendition of "hockey players can't act" this week with the release of the Sharks Annual Holiday Video Greeting Cards. As has become a new tradition in Sharkville, the overly starched Sharks Sports and Entertainment Group has let their hair down and produced a series of amusing little video messages tailored for the holidays.

SS&E packages all of the smaller vignette's into a lengthy video called "This is a Holiday Party". The 6 minute 15 second card packages things around a party setting at Stanley's Bar & Grill, featuring the broadcast team of Randy Hahn, Drew Remenda, Jamie Baker and Dan Rusanowsky.

The four talking heads lead into each video with the accompaniment of some awkward statement by Rusanowsky, the resident hockey encyclopedia. While these bits are painfully delivered, you have to love the attempt to make fun of Rusanowsky and his depth of hockey knowledge. His points are focused on some holiday dribble that his cohorts shun with rolling eyes.

Give the Sharks credit, these spots hit the mark every year. While the 6 minute clip tends to drag on, the segmented portions are down-right entertaining.

The winner by far goes to Antti Niemi and his "His the Goalie" spot. The uber-rigid Fin walks the party holding a cactus over his head, asking people if they want to kiss the goalie. A Sharks executive finally calls him on his lack of botanistic knowledge, which is capped with a fantastic response from the Sharks netminder.

Consider the fact that you'll rarely get more than 5 words strung together by Niemi in any post-game interview, and it's easy to see why his willingness to get in front of a camera is so charming.

Give the staff that came up with the plot lines credit for coming up with Tomas Hertl's "Kid's Table" spot. Hertl can't hide the fact that he's still giddy over the fact that he's playing in the NHL, and his boyish charm oozes in the video which places him at the kid's table with a couple of young children. Language is still a work in progress for the Czech, but the humor is undeniable.

Dan Boyle's "Who Turned Out the Lights" and Brent Burns' "Snakes on a Train" bits were a bit painful, but Joe Pavelski and Logan Couture round things out with some bickering over the food table in their "Double Dipping" spot. Pavelski's claim that Couture has, "the biggest teeth on the team," is a fantastic (and ironic) jab at his teammate. Who writes this stuff!

All in all, it's another successful year of holiday good cheer from the Sharks. Slappy fails to make an appearance this season, as does Sharks captain Joe Thornton, but the video bits are a valiant effort from an organization that knows how to have a little fun every once in a while.

A worthy gift for any Sharks fan.

Here are the videos...

This is a Holiday Party:

Who Turned Out the Lights:

Kiss the Goalie:

Double Dipping:

Snakes on a Train:

Kids Table:


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