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Sigh: An evening's lament
Watching the Sharks can be frustrating
12/11/13 - By Paul Krill -

Here we are again. Another two-goal lead blown. Another home loss against a league bottom feeder. Another losing streak. The streaky Sharks, who keep alternating from being unbeatable to can't-beat-anybody, don't leave us with a lot of faith. This evening's enormously frustrating loss to the Islanders, snapping a losing streak for that woeful team and leaving the Sharks themselves with four losses in a row, is having me wondering whether I should even watch the games until the Sharks have a safe lead of say, five goals.

With this team's tendency to give away leads, a 2-0 Sharks lead is equivalent to a tie game; it's only a matter of time before the Sharks cough up enough goals to let the opponent back in it.

During the first period o Tuesday night's game, we watched a defective hockey game. The Islanders played terrible as a team but their goalie kept them in it. The Sharks should have put the game away but were being stopped not by the other team, but by one guy on the other team. It seems hockey is not always a team sport. Then, the Islanders got stronger and stronger as the game went on and the Sharks got weaker and weaker.

This game was different for me than the previous three losses. I was so busy with other activities I barely got to watch any of the Sharks' early-day defeats in the previous three games against Minnesota, Carolina and Pittsburgh. Lucky me. I saw the final scores of those games and didn't bother watching the replay.

OK, so maybe this is all venting during an annoying cold wave (the kind of cold weather that had me relocating out of the east coast more than 20 years ago). But we have to wonder just what it will take for this Sharks team to show some consistency - can teams lose at home to bottom feeders and continually blow multi-goal leads and still win the Stanley Cup? I suppose they can. But it seems unlikely.

Of course, we can take solace in that unless the Sharks completely fall apart and miss the playoffs completely, which also seems unlikely, regular season games don't mean all that much. What will matter this April is which Shark team shows up: the unbeatable one or the one that coughs up multi-goal leads and can't beat anybody. Only four more months to go till we find out, folks.

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