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2019 Playoffs - Quarter Finals Predictions
We call it like we see it
4/9/19 - By LGS Staff -

Playoff time! Which means all bets are off. We're making our predictions and sticking to them. Not that you should be mortgaging your home and using this info to bet the farm. We did, however, go a collective 23-1 with our predictions last year.

The staff writers at put their collective heads together (which equated to a half a normal human brain), and we present our predictions for the 2019 NHL Playoffs - Quarter Finals Edition.

Series Ken Smyth Paul Krill Mike Lee
TB vs CBJ Lightning win 4-1. They’ve been waiting for this since January. Jackets Coach John Tortorella will do his best and his team beefed up at the deadline but they are way overmatched. Lightning win 4-1. The Lignthing have been this year’s juggernaut and it’s tough to envision anyone stopping them. Lightning win 4-2. This one is the series everyone expects to 4 games tops. Look for the Blue Jackets to surprise a few folks and win at least one on the road.
BOS vs TOR Bruins win 4-2. The match-up the East Coast people are blathering about. I see Boston outmuscling the Leafs in six games, followed by rumblings in Toronto to fire Coach Babcock. I’d love to see the B’s go home, though. Bruins win 4-2. The Bruins have been really good this year. (Not much of an analysis, I know.) I think they’ll move on. Sorry, Patrick Marleau. Leafs win 4-3. This will be the most interesting series of the first round because it's sure to go 7 games and will be a physical spectacle. Look for Zdeno Chara to be suspended at least one game.
WAS vs CAR Caps win 4-2. Carolina has been a nice story but Alex Ovechkin ends it here. Caps win 4-2. Gotta go with the defending champs here. And we sure don’t want to see much, if any, of that lame Canes’ post-game celebration, do we? Canes win 4-2. This is my upset special. The defending Sanley Cup Champs under achieve and the hockey world won't even notice.
NYI vs PIT Isles win 4-3. This could be the best series in the East. Islanders and Coach Barry Trotz are out to prove something and the Pens have been carried by Sidney Crosby. Pens win 4-2. I’m just not a believer in the Isles. I think Pittsburgh, with its championship experience, will win this one. Pens win 4-1. AS much as I hate to see any Pittsburgh team advance in anything, the Isles cinderalla season comes to an end early, and Crosby won't even be the hero.
NAS vs DAL Preds win 4-2 Predators are getting serious, Dallas’ defense is still not up to playoff level. Preds win 4-3. My gut feeling is the Preds have been the better team in recent years and will eke out a series win in this round. Preds win 4-2. The Stars were too inconsistent this season, and the Predators are peaking at the right time.
WPG vs STL Blues win 4-3 Blues are hot and the Jets are cold. Winnipeg has been stumbling along the second half and their scorers are cold. St Louis caught fire and they’re riding a hot goaltender. Jets win 4-2. The Jets, not the Knights, should have represented the Western Conference in the Cup Final last year and I think they’ll pull through in this round. Jets win 4-1. The Blues were hot once they transistioned goaltenders, but the league is figuring them out. IT was a nice run while it lasted, but the Jets look like they're for real this season.
CGY vs COL Flames win 4-2 Calgary isn’t done yet and the Av’s are basically a one-line team. I’d make this a five game series but I’ll give the Avalanche an extra win. Flames win 4-1. The Flames team I saw a couple weeks ago was scoring on the Sharks at will for several minutes. This should be an easy series for them. Flames win 4-2. Not mush to say here. The Flames will continue to look like they're the real deal, but that only lasts a round. The Avalanche just don't have the pieces to get past Calgary in the first round.
SJ vs VGK Sharks win 4-3. Two weeks ago I’d say Vegas in THREE games since the Sharks were having a tough time finding their butts, much less the team bus to the arena. Are Fleury and Martin Jones healthy? Can the Sharks stop giving away a free goal in the first five minutes? Can Vegas put together 3rd and 4th lines that can skate and hold the puck? And which injuries are being kept quiet on both teams? Home ice advantage for game 7 should be an edge for the Sharks. Next question is whether they can hold in games 1 and 2 to get to 7. Sharks win 4-3. This is a tough one, because the Sharks are fresh from losing nine out of 10 games and the goaltending has remained cringe-worthy. But the Knights haven’t been playing great, either, and did supply the Sharks’ lone win in those 10 games. Sharks win 4-2. This series could go either way, and the Sharks play down the stretch make this one favor the Knights, but SJ finds a way to pull this one out. Vegas has superior team speed, but Erick Karlsson keeps them in long as he stays healthy.


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