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Pacific Division Power Rankings #4
Star Wars Edition
12/19/15 - By Ryan Hall -

A long time ago, in a division far, far away…

Okay, so after seeing The Force Awakens, I can safely say that the NHL has a long way to go before it can match entertainment like that! Wow!! For those who haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. However, this is a safe, Non-Spoiler article, so feel free to read without worry - unless you haven't seen any of the trailers and will find the mere mention of names and climate a spoiler. Then avert your eyes before it is too late…

But enough prequel, let's get to the main attraction. This edition of the Power Rankings compares the teams of the Pacific Division to an all-time Star Wars character, meaning every movie released thus far is fair game. For some it's flattering, for others it isn't; but either way sit down and strap in - Chewie, get us out of here!

#1 - Los Angeles Kings (Emperor Palpatine)

Sometimes the comparison is just too easy. The Kings have been running roughshod over this division like an Evil Empire, and right now they seem almost unstoppable. Part of that comes from the fear and intimidation factor they boast, but there is also an almost machine like precision to the way they win games. It might not be pretty, but right now their dark plan to control the Pacific seems almost complete.

Last Ranking: 2

#2 - Calgary Flames (Finn)

If we hadn't seen the trailers, we would all be shocked on the origins of Finn; and if we hadn't seen the Flames play last year we would be equally shocked to see them doing so well now. In both cases, it isn't always talent that leads to success. That isn't to say there is no skill involved, however it's more often team work, loyalty, and sheer determination that end up being the difference maker.

Last Ranking: 7

#3 - Edmonton Oilers (Luke Skywalker)

When we first see Luke in 'A New Hope' he's young, impetuous, unaware of his full potential, and yet still strangely effective. That pretty much sums up the Oilers at this point, as they are only beginning to understand what they could become. Adding to this analogy, Luke needs to be trained by a wizened master who instills discipline and patience; while Edmonton is benefitting immensely from the coaching of Todd McClellan. The end result is that the Oilers have been impressive, most impressive. But they aren't Jedi…err contenders just yet.

Last Ranking: 5

#4 - Arizona Coyotes (Rey)

I'll just come out and say it: Rey is my favourite Star Wars character since the original trilogy. Just like the Coyotes, she appears to be short on ability, has a hard luck home life, lives in a dry climate, and has to struggle just to survive. Yet underneath everything there is so much more to discover, and while it is raw and unrefined, the glimpses of what they might become is jaw dropping.

Last Ranking: 3

#5 - San Jose Sharks (Obi-Wan Kenobi)

When you look at the Sharks roster, there is a pedigree of talent that would lead you to believe they should be doing much better then they currently are. Similarly, when you see the training Obi-Wan received, and the ability he possesses, you'd think he'd be more effective than he is. At times both seem to be disinterested or overwhelmed, and this often results in mistakes and losses; like inexplicably not finishing Anakin when he had the chance.

Last Ranking: 1

#6 - Vancouver Canucks (Darth Maul)

The main villain from The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul certainly looked the part of being a nasty foe. Yet, when you stop and think about it, what did he really do? Overall, he was underwhelming and killing Qui-Gon Jinn was his only significant achievement. In the same way, the Canucks haven't done much that is noteworthy, and in reality they are floundering badly. If they don't get back on track, they'll also find themselves written out of the playoff script far too soon.

Last Ranking: 4

#7 Anaheim Ducks (Jar-Jar Binks)

Alright, so this one seems mean on the surface, but bear with me for a moment. Right now, the Ducks are a hot mess, can't seem to do anything right, and basically boggle the mind. Still, they are hanging around right on the edge of the playoff picture, long after they should have been relegated to an afterthought. This seems to indicate that they might still have a part to play in what's to come - even if we'd all prefer they just disappear.

Last Ranking: 6

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