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Pacific Division Power Rankings #2
Halloween Candy Edition
10/30/15 - By Ryan Hall -

You know, it's nice that Halloween happens to coincide with the 10 game mark in the NHL, as it gives me a tailor made Power Rankings Theme! However, selfishness aside, it is pretty early to draw any conclusions from what has happened thus far. But let's leave sober thoughts for November, as October 31st is definitely NOT the time for self-control!

With that being said, as we all eat our weight in candy, let's take a moment to imagine the teams in the Pacific Division were represented by the flavours of the season. What would they be, and would you want to see them in your bucket at the end of a night of trick or treating?

#1 - Los Angeles Kings: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

North America's #1 Halloween candy, Reese's are the king of trick or treat goodies. It's not that they are overly flashy, rather they are just plain good - like LA. You'd be hard pressed to find anything glamorous about the way they play, but right now they simply get the job done. A workman effort like that is hard to argue with.

Previous Ranking: n/a

#2 - San Jose Sharks: Skittles

People love Skittles, but they are best eaten in large quantities. One Skittle, all alone, is kinda weird and doesn't give you an accurate sense of what they are. The same goes for the Sharks, as right now it's hard to tell if they are really good, really bad, or somewhere in the middle. So far they've been all over the place, meaning we still need to 'Taste the Rainbow' a little more before a final conclusion can be reached.

Previous Ranking: n/a

#3 - Arizona Coyotes: Kit Kat

This roster has won big, lost big, won close, and lost close. How is that possible? It's almost like there are two Coyotes teams, with identical rosters, and you just don't know who is going to show up on any given night. Right now, the good Coyotes have shown up enough to help them far exceed expectations at the 10 game mark. Only time will tell if their young, soft core can hold up over the long haul.

Previous Ranking: n/a

#4 - Vancouver Canucks: Sour Path Kids

Ahh… Sour Patch Kids! So steady. So consistent. They're a solid Halloween Candy, but are they really memorable? No one gets giddy thinking about them, though you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't enjoy them from time to time. It's this middle ground that perfectly describes the Canucks, who are capable of beating great teams (hello Montreal), but still can't seem to make a lasting impact on the league. It's enough to get them by, and just might help them stand the test of time.

Previous Ranking: n/a

#5 - Edmonton Oilers: Snickers:

Everyone gets excited when they see a Snickers Bar. I mean, who doesn't love nuts, chocolate, and caramel? Those are all the ingredients of a hit! The Oilers also seem to have all the pieces required, and there is some signs that maybe, just maybe, this is going to be the season it all comes together. If it doesn't, then Peter Chiarelli has vowed he won't hesitate to tinker with this Frankenstein's monster.

Previous Ranking: n/a

#6 - Calgary Flames: Candy Corn

Some people really love candy corn, but most can't stand it. It isn't that it doesn't try to be good, but it just can't seem to compete with newer, flashier, tastier treats. The same can be said of the Flames who are still big on effort, but have discovered that trying really hard doesn't necessarily mean you'll win. It's still early though, and luck - like tastes - can always change.

Previous Ranking: n/a

#7 Anaheim Ducks: An Apple

Let's be blunt: You don't want an apple on Halloween. Seeing one makes you wonder why anyone would offer them to you, while also convincing you that something bad must be hiding just below the surface. Strangely, that's the reality in Anaheim as the Ducks have too much talent to be this bad. Something must be up inside that locker room, and if they can't fix that rotten core, this season might turn into a never-ending House of Horrors.

Previous Ranking: n/a

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