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Pacific Division Power Rankings #7
Looney Tunes Cartoon Characters Edition
3/6/15 - By Ryan Hall -

Finally, the Trade Deadline has past, and now everyone knows what they're rosters are going to look like. For some, this meant additions to help get them over the hump, while other squads were busy shuffling players out the door. However, whether they were 'buyers' or 'sellers', none of the teams in the Pacific Division came close to matching the over-hyped media coverage that surrounded Monday, which prompted the folks at TSN to candidly admit that they, and the Trade Deadline day have become caricatures. Since I'm no artist, I figured what's the closest that we could get to caricature's is cartoon characters! So here we go, with a comparison that could be brought to you through the miracle of Technicolor!

#1 - Anaheim Ducks (Road Runner) - Meep Meep!! For most of the season everyone has been trying to run down the Ducks, to no avail. At this point it seems fairly clear that no can catch them, meaning Anaheim has the luxury of slowing down and starting some early prep work for the playoffs. However, they do need to be wary of over-confidence, as unlike their cartoon avatar it isn't easy to just fire up the engines at 100% once you've let them idle.

Last Ranking: 1

#2 - Vancouver Canucks (Bugs Bunny) - While the Sharks might have just thumped them, that isn't enough to overlook the good work Vancouver has done this year. Still, like Bugs Bunny, it's rather hard to figure out just HOW they keep coming out on top, when they don't seem to have any noteworthy abilities. One thing is certain: if Eddie Lack and Jacob Markstrom falter, the Canucks may find themselves asking "What's up Doc?" about ways to speed up Ryan Miller's recovery.

Last Ranking: 4

#3 - Los Angeles Kings (Taz) - Rarely seen, but universally feared, Taz was a force of nature that rarely could be stopped; much like the good Los Angeles Kings. As their recent 8 game winning streak proved, when they're in beast mode, no one can stand against them. However, much like Taz, if they aren't on their game they are kinda dopey and easy to outwit, which is why Darryl Sutter is working overtime to rile his squad up. If he succeeds, the rest of the league best "Beware the vicious, ravenous brute with powerful jaws like a steel trap"

Last Ranking: 5

#4 - Calgary Flames (Marvin the Martian) - Looking cute and harmless, the Flames are an easy team to overlook; especially since losing their Captain and leader Mark Giordano. But boy, do they ever pack a punch!! While they don't possess any earth destroying gadgets, what they Flames do have is a balanced scoring attack and team first mentality, which allows them to punch far above their weight class. At the moment that's good enough to have them handing tough in the playoff race - "Isn't that lovely?"

Last Ranking: 2

#5 - San Jose Sharks (Porky Pig) - Let's be honest: despite their many flaws the San Jose really mean well, they just keep tripping over themselves, stumbling and stuttering every time it looks like they are about to get rolling. Usually this stems from trying to do too much, when simplifying things and playing the game their way would allow them to steal the show. With all of the being said, the Sharks have very little room for error if they want to make the postseason, and if they miss the playoffs, or falter in the 1st Round, you have to think "Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-... That'll be all, folks" for this roster and management group.

Last Ranking: 3

#6 - Edmonton Oilers (Elmer Fudd) - Ahh… Elmer Fudd! The continuous foil for all of the Loney Toon heroes, as he just never had the smarts, ability, or attention span to ever succeed. It seemed for every more he made, his opponent was 2 ahead, and this usually resulted in predicable, and humiliating defeat for Elmer; often long before he realized that the game was already over. The fact that every one of those comments can easily be transferred to how the Oilers play tells you all you need to know about their season.

Last Ranking: 6

#7 - Arizona Coyotes (Wile E. Coyote) - Sometimes, it's just too easy. Like Wile E., Arizona simply lacks the tools needed win, even if they try hard. Even sadder: Acme doesn't have a hockey team, and right now, neither does Arizona. Of course, that's partly because the Coyotes traded away almost every useful veteran they had, going all out in their efforts to tank the rest of the season. It seems they're hoping this cliff they just flew off of contains a soft landing in either Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel, but if they miss that mark then the looming anvil of financial troubles could be the last thing they ever see.

Last Ranking: 7

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