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Will Legends be Made?
Scaling Olympus
4/16/14 - By Ryan Hall -

Well, the playoffs are here, and to steal an old NHL marketing slogan "Legends will be Made". But will they really? Sure, some players will have a great post-season, and a small percentage of them will actually get to see their names engraved on the Stanley Cup. That's what everyone plays for, and there is definitely some measure of 'Legend' building that happens as a result. But can you honestly remember who played 4th line Left Wing for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2004? Or the name of the back-up goalie for Colorado in 1996?

The sad fact is that many of the players, even if they win the cup, won't become legends. Heck, Chris Kelly has a ring, and give yourself a point if you knew he still plays on the bottom couple lines for the Boston Bruins! For whatever reason, today's NHL just doesn't seem able to create legends, or even legendary performances anymore.

Maybe it's parody, or the whistle being put away. Perhaps it is over-coaching, and the constant media scrutiny, but sustained greatness throughout the playoffs just doesn't seem to happen anymore.

But if it could, if someone could catch lighting in a bottle for 16 - 28 games, imagine what would happen if these all-time marks fell!

Most Goals in a Single Playoff: 19 (Jari Kurri and Reggie Leach)

Most Goals in a Single Series: 12 (Jari Kurri)

Most Assists in 1 Single Playoff: 31 (Wayne Gretzky)

Most Points in a Single Playoff: 47 (Wayne Gretzky)

Most Game Winning Goals in a Single Playoff: 7 (Brad Richards)

Most Overtime Goals Career: 7 (Joe Sakic)

Most Overtime Goals in a Single Playoff: 3 (Mel Hill and Maurice Richard)

Most Points by a Rookie in a Single Playoff: 21 (Dino Ciccarelli)

Longest Point Streak in a Single Playoff: 18 (Bryan Trottier)

Most Shutout in a Single Playoff: 7 (Martin Brodeur)

At a quick glance, these marks seem unassailable. However, that very formidableness is what makes them so special. Picture Joe Pavelski rifling his 20th of the playoffs into the net and tell me that wouldn't be legendary? Or, watching as Patrick Marleau blows down the wing in the 2OT of a game to score his 4th extra-time winner? Those moments wouldn't just be great for the Sharks, but they would transcend teams and be great for the game.

After all, only one city celebrates at the end of the playoffs, and any heroes that are made are local ones at best. To truly make new Legends, something the NHL desperately could use, it'll take something far rarer than a single franchise achieving something; it'll take personal greatness. That means someone who scales Olympus, and brings ascends to heights of historic levels.

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