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Countering the flasher
Please keep your clothes on
5/19/11 - By Mike Lee -

If you've locked in a cave the past 24 hours and haven't access to the internet, you may have missed the frenzy created by a female fan in Vancouver during Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday night. That fan decided to get something off her chest so to speak. Lifting her Henrik Sedin jersey and exposing her birthday suit from the waist up to Sharks forward Ben Eager who sat in the penalty box, that fan has created quite the stir.

It's not quite clear what the woman's intent was? Was she trying to get Eager off his game? If so, she was a little late. Maybe she was trying to entice Eager into making another trip to the box? Nope, sorry. Eager earned a 10 minute misconduct moments after existing the sin bin and headed straight for the showers.

In any case, I'm still trying to figure out who's dirtier, her or Raffi Torres?

From that glazed look, I'm guessing she was celebrating news that Vancouver was just awarded the 2010 Winter Olympics.

There is one other theory. That being she was actually filling in for the "Green Men", who were too financially strapped to attend Game 3. Yes, Vancouver's version of the Blue Man Group didn't have the cash necessary to harass Sharks players sent to the penalty box. Not that it mattered.

The little green men blew their funds travelling to Nashville to harass the Predators. Who sold those guys seats right next to the box should have their season tickets revoked.

This raises the question, what are Sharks fans going to do to respond? It would be too easy to don a leotard and flex in front of the glass. The valley of innovation can do better than under-weight super heros or strippers right?

Vancouver is stealing the show, in both fandom and the series (yes they did get first serve). Given that we have no control over what happens on the ice, we may as well focus on what happens on the outside of the glass.

Signs decrying Ryan Kesler's fear of fighting (he really did protest too much didn't he?), or Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault's whining about Eager's hit on Henrik Sedin in Game 2 are softball's people.

Vigneault's comments on Thursday suggested that he was upset because Eager was following orders from Sharks head coach Todd McLellan. Using logic, that would mean that Raffi Torres was following orders when he leveled Brent Seabrook in the Canucks opening round series with the Chicago Blackhawks. Pretty ironic stuff.

Fans could also pick on Ryan Kesler, who said that he would "fight anyone," after his manhood was challenged by Joe Thornton's invitation to dance before the series even started. Kelser doth protest too much. In fact, Mr "I'll fight anyone", hasn't dropped the gloves with anyone since Andrew Ladd lit him up in January of 2010.

Shark fans need to use the power of technology and enginuity to taunt Canada's last hope for a Cup.

Can anyone come up with one of those teleporter's that can send the Sedin's to Siberia? Too bad the Sharks don't just lay the body on them. That's what Nashville did, and they were a non-factor in the Canucks - Predators series. It shouldn't have to come down to fans developing teleporting technology to slow them down. That's the defense's job.

Whatever the case, please keep your clothes on.

Of course, nothing can compete with actually winning the game, so Sharks fans must keep the faith. Keep the Tank rocking, and keep the Canucks on their heels.


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