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Sharks Rock
Fans' predicament is like Peanuts' Halloween Special
3/10/10 - By Paul Krill -

Being a Sharks fan can seem like being Charlie Brown on Halloween. While all his fellow trick-or-treaters get candy, hapless Charlie Brown keeps getting rocks. For that matter, being a Sharks fan at playoff time can seem like being Charlie's pal Linus on Halloween, too. Linus skips trick-or-treating altogether, opting to wait for the mythical Great Pumpkin who never shows up.

If it's not obvious, the rocks and the Great Pumpkin's no-show would be the equivalent of what Sharks fans experience at playoff time every year. We're hopeful for success, but we never get it.

I don't want to whine too much, but I've just finished watching what was left of "Desperate Housewives" after seeing Dan Boyle put the puck in his own net in Game 3, sealing another playoff defeat for the top-seeded Sharks against the eighth-seeded Avalanche. (I know Dan Boyle is one of the top Sharks of all time - it would have been less painful if a lesser player had made this mistake.)

Let's see: top-seeded Sharks losing to eighth-seeded team in first round of playoffs. Why does this all seem so familiar? Like we went through this all last year? Oh that's right, we actually did go through all this last year.

The Sharks have been dominant against the Avalanche everywhere but the scoreboard, grabbing the lead only when winning Game 2 in OT. The team could easily be down three games to none right now.

Of course, there's still time for the Sharks to come back in this series. Perhaps I was just hoping for the Sharks to stomp on their lower seeded opponent. But that doesn't seem to be happening in any of the NHL playoff series this year so far. The other #1 seed, Washington, has had similar troubles with #8 Montreal.

But if the Sharks don't come back and win this series, we could be seeing the Shark finales this week of players such as Evgeni Nabokov and Patrick Marleau. It would be a shame to see these guys go, after following them for a decade or more.

I'm hoping by this time next week, this column will be laughingly obsolete. Come on, Sharks - make it happen.

…Penalty Shots: I was a bit reluctant to file this column because The Hockey News also recently used a Peanuts analogy on the Sharks. But I had already thought of some of these ideas before ever reading the THN item. Really.

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