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Calling it like we see it
Pre-season prognostication
10/8/08 - By the LGS Staff

With the season less than 48 hours away, we banded the LGS staff together and squeezed the wisdom out of them. Well, ok, so we got these lame responses to the 10 pressing questions leading up to the Sharks season opener against Anaheim on Thursday night.

While none of the answers are the same, they are answers, which is more than we were expecting when we sent the list of questions out. Take them for what they're worth, but remember, these five writers have over 17 years experience with a computer keyboard. Kuhre was a key punch operator at a bank and Flores runs a small lab that tests to see if monkeys can actually type. The rest of the lot took typing in high school.

So get ready for the start of thw 2008-09 NHL season.

Game On!

  Steve Flores Jess Knaster Paul Krill Erik Kuhre Mike Lee
Who will Todd McLellan earn his victory as Sharks head coach against? My crystal ball says it will be a team from SoCal. No one. In his morning skate on Thursday, the Sharks head coach screams "I AM McLOVIN", after which he is promptly fired for quoting a movie that wasn't a Will Ferrell flick. Los Angeles Anaheim The fans. McLellan isn't Ron Wilson, so check that one off the list.
Who will score the first goal of the season for San Jose? Patrick Marleau A Duck defenseman's leg/skate/ass. Oh wait, that's Chris Pronger's face. Joe Pavelski Joe Pavelski Douglas Murray. It's always the guy you least expect.
How many points (in the standings) will the Sharks record this season? 92 to 95. 103 90 102 90
Who will lead the Sharks in goals scored this season? If healthy Jonathan Cheechoo is the answer. Let's all face it he may have gotten better on defense and he's not half bad along the boards. Patrick Marleau. Upon finishing the year on top of the G category, the Captain will turn to fans of the league, league analysts, and a few choice LGS posters and proceed to go "NEENER NEENER NEENER". Joe Thornton Milan Michalek Ryane Clowe, parked in front of the net, cashing in on garbage goals. We'll take 'em anyway we can get 'em.
Who will lead the Sharks in power play points? Mr & Mrs Thornton's son Dishmaster Jumbo Joe Thornton Dan Boyle Ryance Clowe
Who is destined for a breakout season? I am sure everyone hitches this wagon to Joe Pavelski. Me, I am hoping that the biggest improvement comes in the shape of better tasting Diet Pepsi at the Arena. The stuff has been awful for years. One can always hope! Jody Shelley. He'll beat the crap of out Mustachio Parros again, and while they're sitting in the box, Shelley will realize that he won the fight and didn't properly fulfill his role on this squad as team punching bag, so he'll break out of the sin bin to go get pummeled a few times by the mustached one. Devon Setoguchi Joe Pavelski Christian Ehrhoff. With all the defensive help around him, he'll get to take more chances on offense.
Who will struggle the most this season? Todd McLellan as he fidgets and cringes as his team adjusts to their first new system in several years. Brian Boucher. That door can get tough to open in the dead of winter. Milan Michalek Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Rob Blake Marc-Edoard Vlasic. Offensive minded defense is not his strong suit.
Where will the Sharks place in the Western Conference 5th High enough to keep the fans happy, while simultaneously disappointing them too. Let's go with 4th. 3rd 2nd 4th
Who will the Sharks dominate this season / who will own them? Dominate is too strong a word I think that they will beat the teams that they are supposed to beat and struggle with Dallas & Anaheim This is the year the Sharks handle the Pacific Division minus Phoenix. 4 wins against Anaheim, Dallas, and LA, while dropping 4 of 6 to the Dogs. Will dominate Vancouver, be owned by Dallas Dominate: everyone in the Central Division not named the Detroit Red Wings Owned: Detroit, Dallas Dominate: Anaheim / Owned: Phoenix
If the Sharks make the playoffs, how far will they go? I can see them making it to third base where Niklas Lidstrom and his Wings will be waiting with ball in glove But remember injuries are a big reality in sports and that is why we are gonna watch these games and that is why they don't simply hand that dang cup to the wings again. Detroit will have to earn it and the Sharks should be rollin come April. The Sharks in the playoffs, need I even go further than that? May fever baby. However, any fan/analyst paying attention will realize a second round exit this year is not failing to meet expectations, but rather right where they should be, if not slightly exceeding them. Second round and out. Patty's holding the Cup in June Detroit, maybe Columbus, but not a mile farther.


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