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The Brooklyn Dodgers of San Jose
Sharks' annual fate similar to once-beloved baseball team
5/5/08 - By Paul Krill

So I'm watching this TV special the other day about the Brooklyn Dodgers, this beloved baseball team that always came close but could never win the Big One. Each season, the team would fall short, leaving loyal fans devastated. And I'm thinking: Why does this all sound so familiar? Obviously, because we have our own version of the Brooklyn Dodgers in San Jose : Our Sharks hockey team.

Every season, it's the same thing: A second-round playoff loss while other teams whose fans already have seen their teams win the championship keep on playing. This time, the Sharks, the first place team in their division, lost to the third place team in their division. By getting down 3 games to 0, it was almost a foregone conclusion that the Sharks would not be advancing even if that Game 5 ending was incredible. The Sharks' 1-7 record in second-round playoff matchups is disappointing, to say the least.

As I sit here writing this, I realize it will be an entire year before the Sharks get another shot in the playoffs. We'll go through another summer, another Halloween, another Christmas, another New Year's Day, another opening of the baseball season before the Sharks can try again.

The only drama now is to see who gets pushed out the door. The coaching staff seems likely, although I'm not sure how fair that it is. We'll also see which players get sent packing and which ones are brought back. (The Sharks have no first round draft pick this year so that means there's not much of a point to Sharks fans watching Draft Day.)

Will Brian Campbell return? How about Jeremy Roenick? I'd rather be pondering how the Sharks could beat Detroit in the conference finals and who they might play in the Big Dance this spring but once again, that is not to be. (What a loss of a great human interest story for the NHL: future Hall of Famer Jeremy Roenick's quest for a first Stanley Cup would have been scene-stealer in the Finals. But that also is not to be.)

Anyway, the Brooklyn Dodgers finally did win the World Series in 1955, about 65 years after the franchise started. I hope we Sharks fans won't have to wait that long. (For purposes of this discussion, the Dodgers' departure for Los Angeles two years later is irrelevant.)

So for now, there's nothing left to do but enjoy the surprisingly successful season (so far) of my Oakland A's. What's happened with the Sharks and what happens in the future is out of my control.

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