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Huh, oh sorry I must have dozed off
Is there any hope?
2/7/08 - By Steve Flores

What kind of fan are you? You aren't a real fan. You expect way too much of that team! No, no, no I am not laying these statements at the feet of you - the reader. These are statements made towards me by friends and acquaintances over the past few months in regard to my frustration with the San Jose Sharks. You see although I understand the Sharks are fine regarding their overall record and I am aware that their defense is one of the league's best yet I still sense, I still feel that something is not quite right with the boys.

I suppose it could be that their offense is pretty boring. I mean they are one of the lowest scoring teams in the league and I have actually begun to doze off while at games at the Tank. Maybe I'm not sleeping enough - Naw, it's the hockey. Let's face it folks the Sharks are boring to watch. There I said it. They are one step ahead of old Rip Van Winkle. The facts are the facts.

Go ahead and reiterate those statements made to me by friends and family - 'You ask too much' yadda yadda.

You may tell me that they have consistently been between second and fourth in the conference and you would be right. The only problem is that they cannot defeat Anaheim, Detroit or Dallas in head to head match ups. I could sit here and give you the exact record but I'm too busy trying to wake up from last night's sleeper loss to Colorado.


The company line is the defensive improvement of the team that will take them to the Promised Land. This may be true if that Promised Land is Heaven as the Sharks are headed for sure death with their current state of events.

Generally speaking, this team plays to the level of its talent. They beat the teams they should beat and they lose to the other three that are better than them. Offensively they are in the bottom 5 in the league.

Bottom 5 folks.

I understand the need for defense to win a championship but a team does not win on defense alone and the Sharks aren't intimidating anybody with their vaunted 2.64 goals per game. They are the only team in the league without a 20 goal scorer and no management spin can talk their way outta that factoid.

Aside from all of these boring facts is that they are boring to watch.

I know that some of you will cheer and be excited for pretty much anything so I am in no way attempting to set you straight. Watch and enjoy any way you like. But those of us that pay for season tickets and desire to be entertained are feeling pretty ripped off at this point. All teams have downer games over an 82 game season, however it has been more prevalent this year where it seems the Sharks have either not shown up at all, have given up completely or simply have decided to bore us into a stupor. I have actually left a few games after the second period - AND I'M NOT FROM LOS ANGELES FOLKS!

Anyway I will give credit to the coaching staff for managing to keep the team near the top of the charts with Patrick Marleau and Jonathan Cheechoo being basically non-existent offensively for the entire season thus far. I realize Cheech has been non-healthy but, Marleau leaves me in the land of wonder. The Captain has as many natural skills and abilities as anyone in the league yet he is still below 30 points for the season.

In any event the team has 28 games left before the post-season begins. I no longer want to read and or listen to quotes regarding their less than stellar results or play. The season is in their hands and it is up to them to determine just how much sleep I will be getting between now and April

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