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Enough already
This one is for you Sharks fans
10/31/07 - By Steve Flores

With your team playing less than stellar and blame being thrown at players, management, coaches and God knows who else I have tried to stay above the fray and analyze the situation with both patience and forbearance. The team has been mediocre at best and downright awful at times.

The term 'heartless' seems apropos to describe the efforts we have thus far seen on the ice. The team seems to lack direction, cohesion and flow. Scoring chances, I mean real scoring chances are minimal. The team's top stars (aside form Joe Thornton and Milan Michalek) are virtually Claude Rains on the score sheet; worse than that, they don't even seem to work their way to any real offensive chances.

The game the Sharks are playing is stale, boring, un-exciting, poor, lackadaisical and without heart and or mind. That season ticket holders and fans with Stanley Cup dreams have their heart hitched to this group is regrettable and nearly worthy of some type of refund from the teams ticket group.

It's been ugly folks!

Without getting into name dropping, let me simply state that nearly everyone has been well, BAD. The term BAD can, of course, mean many things but I see it in this case defined as well, 'NOT A GOOD THING'.

The team has stunk folks and every time they play a half-way decent period I think that they have turned the corner and that the real Sharks are going to emerge and dominate the league. Wrong!

The problem here is me. I keep 'thinking' that this is what's going to happen. Reality is that it hasn't. The bottom line is that the team is playing flat and without a zest to do well. I have no answers. The coaching staff obviously has no answers.

The situation seems futile at this early juncture. The team is one-eighth into the season and luckily for them the entire Pacific Division has stunk. No team has staked a claim to the division and the Sharks can thank their lucky stars for that lil factoid. If this was last season the Anaheim Ducks would have virtually wrapped it up already (exaggeration for you literal interpreters).

Let me get back to the coaches for a moment: Ron Wilson more specifically. Yeah I am going to pick the bone that all the bloggers have been riding on seemingly forever.


I mean c'mon man let a single line try to get used to playing together for at least a game or two.

Cohesion is a necessity for all sports teams to win. The Sharks lack any fragment of that concept. Wilson's constant shuffling of the boys is either panic or an attempt to tell his players that they need to step it up if they want to continue to play on a top line or to maintain a decent amount of ice time. Unfortunately the logic is backfiring and the team seems more lost than ever.

The recent loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday was not televised on local TV which was a good thing as it spared a lot of fans yet another waste of two and a half hours.

Wilson's moves are not working.

Coaches always seem to bring things back to the basics when things aren't going the way that they want them to go. I think he needs to put his best guys out their in a role best suited to complement the other line mates strengths and weaknesses and let em ride it out for a few games.

Right now the ride is as bad as it has been since the team dumped Darryl Sutter. Did I just mention 'dump' and a coach in the same sentence? Oh no! There go the bloggers!

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