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Sorry Nashville
We just deserve it more
4/22/07 - By Paul Krill

Justice has been served. Let me explain: Just a few weeks ago when it looked like Nashville would coast to the Presidents' Trophy for most points in the regular season, I figured Nashville would end up winning the Stanley Cup. And why not, since they had the same qualifications as recent Stanley Cup winners such as New Jersey and Carolina : an apathetic "fan base" and difficulty selling tickets.

In fact, there has been talk of the Predators, who were near the bottom in attendance this season, exiting Nashville . Not only has this winning team had trouble selling tickets during the regular season, even the playoffs have presented problems.

I've heard of fans in Nashville blaming corporations for not buying enough tickets. But isn't it a good thing that corporations don't hog all the tickets? I'm sure there are some rabid hockey fans in Nashville, but the thousands of empty seats at Predators games speaks for itself about the lack of enthusiasm. Add to this, I saw one report that said the Predators give away 1,700 tickets a game. Are they found free inside cereal boxes or something?

Meanwhile in San Jose , fan support has been strong for most of the franchise's existence since 1992, and the Sharks have sold out something like their last two dozen games.

I feel it devalues the Stanley Cup to parade it in a city where there is largely apathy toward hockey. While the Sharks certainly don't have the fan base of the San Francisco 49ers or Giants, we know the Sharks are a hot ticket and I, for one, see Sharks license plate frames on cars all the time and people wearing Sharks sweatshirts, jackets, etc.

So it's only right that San Jose will be hosting the second round of the playoffs and not Nashville .

…Penalty shots…

Like others in Silicon Valley , the Sharks' advancing is a double-edged sword for me. While we all are ecstatic over the thought of the Sharks moving on in the playoffs, it can be tough to juggle work schedules and playoff games. Some serious schedule-negotiating will be needed on my part and I figure I still will have to miss some games. I probably won't even be in town on some of those nights.

Fortunately, I have an old leather jacket in my closet that I can chew on during games I have to miss… The Predators' quick exit was costly for them. For a few months' rent on Peter Forsberg, the Predators gave up a first-round draft pick, a third-round pick and two players and still didn't get past the first round.

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