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The real Sharks
Which team shows up for the playoffs?
4/9/07 - By Paul Krill

"Can you see the real me? Can you? Can you?" - The Who, "Quadrophenia"

This same question of which is the real me can be applied to the schizophrenic Sharks. Virtually unbeatable in March, they were virtually winless in February. Going into the playoffs, fans can witness the suspense of finding out which Sharks team shows up. It makes it difficult to project exactly how the team will do. Will it be the usual two-rounds-and-out or fewer? Or might there be a Stanley Cup parade in San Jose this June?

For me, the Sharks unpredictability actually put me in a position where it would be more convenient for the Sharks to lose their final regular season game, which they did in overtime. You see, I like to take a week off from work to coincide with the Sharks' first-round home games. In February, I had to make the call about whether the Sharks would likely start on the road, which means home games next week, or at home, which means home games this week.

Not being much of an optimist, I saw how the Sharks kept losing and losing and safely opted for next week off. Then, what do you know, March comes along and the Sharks keep winning and winning.

My whole plan was falling part. Although I'd have figured out a way to get to home games this week, next week certainly would be easier.

In the end, my initial call turned out to be the correct one. But it sure was a lot closer than I'd anticipated in February.

The first-round opponent is Nashville . The Sharks breezed by this team in the playoffs last year, but that team is better this year than last. It could be a much different outcome this time.

It would be nice, though, for the Sharks to offer us a playoff surprise and actually get to the Big Dance: The Stanley Cup Finals.

This would require some significant juggling of my work schedule. But I'm willing to make the sacrifice if it means a well-deserved title for the Sharks and their fans.

First, we'll have to find out if April, May and June bring us the February Sharks, the March Sharks or some variant thereof.

It should be a fun ride.

…Penalty shots…It just seems inherently wrong that playoff games are being held in Nashville and Atlanta this season, where hockey takes a back seat to many other sports, but not in Montreal and Toronto, where hockey rules…

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