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Sharks finally taking action
11/30/05 - by Ken Smyth

All I can say is wow- and set me up with another one of these drinks. Joe Thornton comes to the Sharks for Brad Stuart, Marco Sturm and Wayne Primeau as GM Doug Wilson puts a stack of funny-colored chips on number 19. Boston dumps a superstar, saves some cash, and infuriates the fans, all nine of them, who believed Bruins management would somehow act different with the salary cap than they have for the last thirty years.

Everybody expected that the Bruins would make some sort of deal since their owner had called them out into the parking lot, so to speak, because of their lackluster play so far this season. Going back a little, they blew a 3-1 lead in the first round of the playoffs in 2004 after winning their division. But trading their captain and biggest star? Wow.

Any trade where you can get a player like that without giving up a similar one in return, like Patrick Marleau, is a good trade. Take a look at the superstar-for-several-names trades in any sport and you see that in a few years everybody except trivia freaks forgets who the other guys were, only remembering the star and the two teams.

This is also a forward moving trade for the Sharks, maybe their first. The three guys who are going are good players but they can be replaced in the overall scheme of things. The guy we're getting is arguably one of the top five centers in the game today and brings the Sharks a force that they've NEVER had; a guy who is absolutely intimidating in the offensive zone.

This isn't one of those sideways deals: a malcontent for an underachiever and a draft pick or a straight dump of an old guy with a big contract. Nope, this one shifts power like the clutch on a Ford Cobra, and there's certain to be a few other GM's around the league wishing Mike O'Connell called them first.

On the ice last night in Dallas, the Sharks lost their tenth consecutive game. But there is finally reason, not just hope, to expect things to improve. If I could tell you with certainty how a team would perform under any circumstances, forget hockey; this column would my "K. D.'s NFL Insight" site and crazy gamblers would be paying me a hundred bucks for that "lock" on Monday's Seattle/Philly game. Instead I'm just a part-time smart-ass, but with free shipping if you order before December 10th. Still, this deal looks good to me- Go Sharks. Now, can Nabby stop a few??

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