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Pushing the panic button or the snooze?
Two weeks in, same ole Sharks?
10/20/05 - By Erik Kuhre

So we're two weeks into the season. I am as excited as everyone else is about having hockey back, but I'm a little concerned about the Sharks. While the season is now well underway, it seems that San Jose's power play has hit the snooze button and there's no sign that they're about to wake up anytime soon. After the Sharks collapse in Minnesota, should the panic button be pushed on a season that the Sharks were supposed to dominate?

Not so fast my fellow fans of the fierce fish of Teal Town. Yeah they might remind you of teams past and you might be quoting legendary football coach Vince Lombardi, "what the hell is going on out there?" Needless to say let's hope that the Minnesota game was their version of the Carolina game in 2003-04, which proved to be the turning point for that great season.

That loss in Carolina ended the month of October with just one win. Granted the Sharks have tripled that win total so far, with five left in the month, but many players have said that after the game vs. the Hurricanes, they started to turn things around. If there was ever a time to have the schedule help the team out, it will be down the road.

The Sharks are in a middle of a six game road trip, which is their longest of the season. By playing only three games at home this month, they have played nearly a quarter of their road games for the entire season. After its January road trip in the Eastern Conference, San Jose only goes to the Eastern Time Zone once more on March 23rd at Detroit.

The latter schedule plans for more home cooking, home fans, and will hopefully allow the team to get their.. uh... stuff together! But scheduling won't right the wrongs we've seen through seven games this season. The short list includes work on that power play, and shoring up defensive mistakes. If you need to vent out some frustration, do what Kyle McLaren and Scott Parker did. Appear on a segment on Shark Byte with Drew Remenda, and subsequently beat the snot out of Remenda. (Drew, you know I kid, but hey it works!)

In the end, I know it's a struggle and us fans should've been yelling "WE WANT TEN!" opening night vs. Columbus, and shouldn't needed to comeback against a lowly St. Louis squad, but you know what, it's been that 0-8-1 in 1993-94, or have one win in 2003-04, if the Sharks surge on the rest of the way, this start will be remembered as the best worst start in team history.

For those who think it's over already, and I know one friend who thinks it is, let me remind him that the sushi he had to pay for when the Sharks advanced to the Western Conference Finals still tastes great 16 months later!

Until next time, CHOMP TO THE CUP IN 2006!

Two Weeks In, Same Ole Sharks?

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