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Return of the Rant
Blurted it here first
3/22/05 - By Mike Lee

What better time than the present to start my rant column back up? With all the misery that hockey and the rest of the sports world is spewing right now, it would seem rather appropriate. But then again, is there any point in beating the dead and festering horse that is NHL hockey? Probably not, but I'll rant nonetheless.

Seems that the league and players union have moved onto plan M. As in, lock a bunch of monkeys into a conference room and see what they produce. It certainly couldn't stink any more than the human negotiators came up with earlier this year. The brilliance that is the NHL submitted two more proposals to Bob Goodenow on Thursday, and surprise, both plans were rejected.

I'm almost tempted to petition the media to boycott reporting anything remotely close to hockey news until the monkeys finalize a new collective bargaining agreement. Neither side can use the media to posture if the media is refusing to let itself be used as a leveraging tool. Come on TSN, show some back bone. That proposal has got to be better then reporting on the nothingness that comes from the bungling negotiations.

No Gretzky at Worlds

No big surprise when Wayne Gretzky announced that he would not run Team Canada during the upcoming World Championships in Austria next month. Gretzky's mother is being treated for lung cancer, so he passed on providing his guidance as team boss.

Gretzky said all the right things in declining to man the helm of Canada's national team, but you have to wonder how big a part the ongoing labor dispute may have contributed to his decision? After all, should he be motivated to lead a band of players, while he's locked in mortal combat against those same players?

Why lead a bunch of spoiled ingrates to hockey's international pedestal if they're stabbing him in the back. Gretzky's an owner remember?

No disrespect to his mother's situation, but would you blame him for skipping out if she weren't sick? You'd get no complaints here.

Spring Training Rant

I just had to mention something about Barry Bonds piss & vinegar impromptu press conference in Arizona this afternoon. Boo hoo, poor Barry. He's finally a broken man? Boo hoo.

Yeah right. If Bonds thinks that he can play the "poor me, I've finally tired of the attacks" card as a means to woo public sentiment, then he must think we're all buffoons. Bonds is the poster boy for all things wrong with professional sports today. Bonds has made a living from spewing venom whenever he's in a bad mood. Nobody cares.

Now there's talk that the feds may be interested in making an example of him for being less than forthright either with Grand Jury testimony or tax evasion on unreported card show money. Either way, whatever Bonds is cooking, stinks.

Claims are surfacing in the hockey world that illegal substances may be running rampant amongst NHL players. Heck, if Barry Bonds can pound out 73 home runs in a year, perhaps a Roofie or two will result in a 50 goal season.

The 80's, 90's and half of this current decade could have asterisks on every sports mark on the books.

Get Your Fix

Ok, if you're starting to go through withdrawals, there are alternatives. Oh, sorry, yes I have moved on to the next subject, so no, Roofies and Juice are not included in that list of alternatives!

I'm talking about the NCAA Frozen Four Tournament, which starts on Friday. Sixteen schools from across the United States, clash for the National Championship. Bostom College and Mercyhurst kick the tournament off in Worcester, Mass at 1:30pm (PST).

B.C, Denver, Minnesota and Colorado College are top seeds in their respective regions. Michigan is a 2 seed in the Midwest region, even though the Wolverines won 30 games this season. Look for several Shark prospects to participate in the tournament.

The event wraps up with the title game in Columbus, Ohio on April 9th. ESPN will cover most games.

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