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Avalanche loom
2nd round won't be easy
4/20/04 - by Steve Flores

To the victor's go the spoils, or so they say. A date with the Colorado Avalanche is the San Jose Shark's reward for defeating the St. Louis Blues in 5 games. We all know the Avalanche: Forsberg, Sakic, Blake, Hejduk, Tanguay, Kariya, and Selanne. The names could go on forever. They are Yankee like on paper and have a history of eliminating the South Bay fish from playoff contention.

I watched and cheered for those ole Canucks from Vancouver in hopes that their crippled selves could rise up and turn away the pesky Darryl Sutter led Calgary Flames. But, alas, to no avail. The Flames victory cemented that which is now fact - the Sharks will host Colorado on Thursday at the Tank.

I have spoken to many a Shark fan of late and, to my surprise, many of you feel that the Av's are a better playoff opponent than the Canucks!


Let's see. The Canuck's are without one of the games top 10 players in Todd Bertuzzi. The Canucks number one net minder Dan Cloutier is finished for the season do to injury and the Flames had even tenderized the Canuck up quite a bit with some very physical checking throughout that series.

Yet, there are many that feel that Colorado would be preferable.


The Avalanche is a team of seasoned, yet not over-the-hill, veterans. They are former champions that boast a roster full of proven all-stars who have stepped up their performance since the playoffs began.

If there are any doubts about the Av's please feel free to call the Lone star state and ask Mike Modano or Marty Turco if the Av's were easy pickins.

I am not at all inferring that the Shark's have no shot at beating the bunch from Denver, I just think it will be much more difficult and much harder fought than having drawn the guys from the Pacific Northwest.

The Sharks skills are widely known at this point; fast skaters, exceptional young defenders, excellent goaltending and good size and physicality. The Sharks are young, seemingly hungry, and can beat anyone when they are able to play their game.

The Av's will challenge that game though.

Veteran teams often lack a bit of desire during the regular season and the Av's are no exception. They did however, have a solid year and qualified as the 4th seed in the Western Conference.

Once the post-season begins the cream generally rises as the better teams turn it on. The Av's are quality and the cream is moving up.

That's not say that the Av's are unbeatable as they have definite chinks in the armor. Paul Kariya has been injured virtually all-season and Teemu Selanne is a shell of his former self. Peter Forsberg has been in and out of the lineup all season and his health is always a question (yet he seems to be healthy at the moment).The Colorado defense hasn't shown the same consistency as the Sharks and David Aebischer is truly in his first season of playoff testing and is thus, an unproven commodity at this point.

Despite their lofty number two seeding the Sharks will be the underdog in this series. The series should be a hard fought, well coached and well-disciplined affair. Let's wait and see if the reward goes to the team that has the Teal-cream filling.

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